Our prayers and good thoughts to all the soldiers fighting in Operation "Protective Edge"
Kehillat Yedidya
 12 Lifshitz Street, Baka, Jerusalem

Kehillat Yedidya is a 195-household Modern Orthodox congregation located in the Baka neighborhood of Jerusalem. Founded in 1980, Yedidya is comprised of immigrants from English-speaking countries, many European countries, and native Israelis. The founders envisioned a halakhically-based community, equally concerned about traditional Jewish values, social justice, and democracy in Israeli society. Through its social vision, Yedidya attempts to cross the conventional boundaries which currently define Jewish religious life in Israel.
Prayer Times

Weekday Minyan
Sun,Tue,Wed,Fri   6:30 am
Mon & Thurs   6:20 am
Rosh Hodesh   6:15 am

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Tuesdays - Shiur
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with Moshe Kline
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