Advertise on the "Yediot Yedidya" mailing list

Kehilat Yedidya is a synagogue, not a real estate office or travel agency. We do, however, accept ads for apartment rentals or sales in our area (south-east Jerusalem). While real estate ads are the most popular category, we also accept ads for moveable property, services,jobs, and announcements of shiurim and other public events, if the editor thinks they might be of interest to our members.

Please send your ad or announcement in both Hebrew or English. If you are unable to do so, the notice will be translated into the other language by a volunteeer, and you will be asked to make a donation of NIS 25 (or the dollar equivalent) to the community's charity fund. There is no fee for ads that arrive in both languages.

Your message should fit onto ten lines of eighty characters, or it may be edited for brevity (possibly omitting essential information, such as how to reply to the message), so you might as well pare it down yourself so that the details you want will appear. It may not contain images, audio, video, Word documents (we might be able to extract the text from a Word document, but don't count on it - and we definitely can't do this with PDF files.), or other attachements - anything you couldn't have written if your computer was broken and you had to go back to using a typewriter (a link to a website is fine, and even recommended). Email your ad to, we can't accept it by snail mail, fax, phone, etc.

Your ad will be placed on our "Apartment Bulletin Board". It will remain there for approximately one month, unless you ask us to remove it sooner.

If any of our subscribers are interested in your ad, they'll contact you. The editor will not acknowledge submissions or answer any questions which are answered on this page, except to send you a link to this page. Attempts to argue with the editor will be ignored. You may not subscribe to the list yourself unlessyou are a member of, or at least regularly attend Yedidya.

Weekly mailings are sent out on Thursday, or two days before Yom Tov. The deadline for submissions is the morning on which the mailing is sent, if the message includes Hebrew translation, or the night before, if it needs to be translated. While there may be special mailings from time to time, don'task for a special mailing for an ad or announcement unless actual pikuach nefesh is involved (speaking of which, the message  that Levinstein Hospital needs blood donations of type A- is from 2002 and should not be sent to the list or circulated to anyone at all, andno internet petition or chain letter will ever be forwarded, and before circulating the petition about Google and antisemetic search results, read this).

You may also want to try Flathunting, a mailing list which is open to the public and also takes ads for apartments anywhere in Jerusalem.

Finally, members who ask me to insert their ads in the Yedidyon will be asked why they want to advertise in a publication that they clearly don't read themselves.