Date Evening Morning
Matot-Masei, 26 Tamuz Fri 17.07.2020 Salzberg Sheldon Sat 18.07.2020 TBA
Devarim, 4 Av Fri 24.07.2020 Watzman Haim Sat 25.07.2020 TBA
Vaetchanan, 11 Av Fri 31.07.2020 Brom Sat 01.08.2020 TBA
Eikev, 18 Av Fri 07.08.2020 Render Marc and Shimon-Render Ellie Sat 08.08.2020 TBA
Reeh, 25 Av Fri 14.08.2020 Lustig Deborah Sat 15.08.2020 TBA


If you will be away when you are the greeter, please swap with someone else, and notify Steven Edell. Not having a membership list does not exempt you from finding someone to swap with. To get a updated copy, click here and enter the email address at which we send you all those annoying messages.

If you don't have a set of keys, including the key for the Shabbat alarm, please arrange to borrow a set before you need to get to shul, from Steven, Gary or Kobi, and arrange to give the set of keys back to them afterwards.

Please get to shul ten minutes before mincha. It is your job to open the shul, turn off the alarm (ALWAYS with the key), and welcome those who come to shul. In mornings there is an early minyan, you don't have to open, but please get to shul on time.

During services, offer a friendly greeting to everyone, and help those who are coming to our shul for the first time. Please make sure children keep balls and wheeled toys (bicycles, scooters, skates) outside the building. It is better they make noise outside than inside (but not on the street). In case of an emergency, there is a telephone in the office, and two first aid kits in the cupboards at the bottom of the ramp near the kitchen.

At the end of services, make sure that no one is still in shul, and that the windows in the upstairs and downstairs ulamot are closed, as well as in the office (where children often play). The windows over the ramp do not need to be closed. Remember to turn the alarm back on, and to lock the door.