Kiddush list


25.12.2021, 21 Tevet, Shemot: Grenimann, Hochstein, Ban, Bandler-Goldwater, Simons, Gavson-Landes, Schloss, Nuriel-Porat, Stahl Ella, Fraind Micha, Truboff.

01.01.2022, 28 Tevet, Vaera: Ableman-Kahan, Metzinger, Frydman-Kohl, Warshay, Richter, HaLevi, Schoffman, Avigad, Lissek, Ackerman, Taaseh.

08.01.2022, 6 Shvat, Bo: Bar mitzvah: Hazani-Melchior, Caplan Inbal and Simon, Finkelstein-Weisel, Rosenberg Jay and Lori, Watzman, Eisen, Sanders Stacey, Rosenblit, Ashkenazi, Hazani-Melchior, Scher Harvey, Graetz.

15.01.2022, 13 Shvat, Beshalach: Rohrlich, Pilkington, Blum Elisheva and Laurent, Roth Barbara and Joel, Potter-Voss, Ableman-Shlomi, Kline Deena, Barkai-Schwartz, Mekler, Picard, Freundlich-Kaplan.

22.01.2022, 20 Shvat, Yitro: Rosen Bruce and Laura, Caine-Braunschvig, Liebowitz-Wiesen, Fox Cheri, Nulman, Goldberg-Katcoff, Mascetti-Moscati, Mattenson, Heidingsfeld, Silverman-Weller, Or Elad and Lily, Binder.

29.01.2022, 27 Shvat, Mishpatim: Silberklang, Alfonsi, Landes-Tercatin, Ahiman, Sethill, Huppert-Zwas, Fischman, Greenbaum, Baumgarten, Blumenfeld-Moss, Kahn-Weiner, Lightstone.

05.02.2022, 4 Adar1, Terumah: Guibli, Bubis-Margolis, Huberman, Moss David and Rosalyn, Klein Rivka, Deitch-Greenblatt, Javitt-Kizner, Landau Chaim and Simone, Kahan Jeremy, Bernstein, Levene Sara, Render-Shimon.

12.02.2022, 11 Adar1, Tetzaveh: שבת חתן אחיין של שלי פיקאר, Kranc, Frank Elana, Ben Haim-Reichbach, Adlerstein, Shinnar, Elroyi, Kadosh, Lustig, Greenberg Allen, Kahan Anne, Waxman, Mandelbaum.

19.02.2022, 18 Adar1, Ki Tisa: Cooper Dov, Pozin (Olman), Troen, Hammer-Kossoy, Kochin Anna and Michael, Stahl, Wygoda Yael and Ynon, Salzberg, Frajnd Stark, Lavin Alan and Vera, Rosenschein, Pagoda.

26.02.2022, 25 Adar1, Vayakhel: Golinkin-Rotnemer, Baer, Zimmerman-Zalevski, Brand, Glatzer, Copeland, Friedman, Cohen Richard and Shlomit, Grob, Lapin, Ordan, Yoel.

05.03.2022, 2 Adar2, Pekudei: Garber-Rothman, Witty, Libicki-Reiss, Malik, Wyshogrod-Zlotogorski, Winer Harris, Reicher, Feder, Sirkin Jon and Robin, Gruenhut, Egyes-Sobel, Fritz-Miklaf.

12.03.2022, 9 Adar2, Vayikra: Binnes, Israel Ruth, Betzalel, Becker, Stahl Michael and Noomi, Frajnd Joel, Churgin-Gradstein, Cooper-Meyers, Sykes-Haas, Gewirtz, Bayer-Gamulka, Cromer.

19.03.2022, 16 Adar2, Tzav: Katz Andrea and Hersch, Lachs, Leiser, Gorenberg-Noveck, Guttman, Rosenthal Alain and Carole, Mannheim, Ganor, Wahrman-Schreiber, Della Setta-Torrefranca, Kavenstock, Brasher-Weil.

26.03.2022, 23 Adar2, Shmini: Snitkoff, Kleinman Eric and Leah, Solovy, Beck, Levy Nir, Guggenheim Yaakov, Mensch, Meijers, Atlas-Cohen, Avitzour, Pearlman.

02.04.2022, 1 Nisan, Tazria: Rabinowitz Dovi and Elyssa Moss, Schochet, Schimmel-Wurzburger, Jaffe-Morgan, Brookfield-Greenberg, Binder-Puterman, Landgarten, Marx, Golumbic Lynn and Martin, Kadden-Weiser, Golbert Jane.

09.04.2022, 8 Nisan, Metzora: Weissman, Kochin Levis A and Rachel, Moss Saskia Swenson and Yonatan, Birenboim-Falk, Yarden Ophir and Sara, Stern, Green, Frajnd, Almog, Blok (Fisch), Brom.

Kiddush instructions:

Kiddush toranut involves bringing food (the Kehilla supplies cups, wine, and grape juice), setting up and cleaning up.

If you will be away when you have kiddush duty, please swap with someone else, and notify the coordinators of both weeks and If you just send food to the kiddush, you have not fulfilled your responsibility.

Kiddush coordinator

If your family is the first name listed on the "Kiddush" line (not the name in bold, if any, that's the family having a simcha that week), you are the coordinator(s) for that kiddush. This responsibility entails being in touch with the other families, making sure they will be at kiddush, and telling them what to bring.

If there is a bar or bat mitzvah or another simcha, check with the family whose simcha it is to see if they are bringing the kiddush. If they are, you and the other families just need to help them serve the kiddush and to clean up afterwards.

Other kiddush toranim

If you see your name on the kiddush list, and the family responsible has not called you, call them. If you can't reach them, click

Not having a membership list does not exempt you from doing your kiddush, finding someone to swap with, or notifying the coordinators. To get a updated copy, click here and enter the email address at which we send you all those annoying messages.

Recommended food quantities

Take into consideration that at a regular kiddush we set up four tables of food and one of drink. Each family should expect to spend at least NIS 30. The following is a suggested list of food to bring:

At shul

In advance of kiddush (either by someone who comes to Shachrit near the start, or to Maariv the night before or brings food the afternoon before) someone whould be assigned to fill the pitchers and SodaStream bottles, add gas to the latter, and put them in the refrigerator

Used and full CO2 bulbs are stored on the shelf on the bottom cabinet in the corner under the sink. When we're down to the last CO2 bulb, please inform Shoshana Shinnar.

Start setting up after Kedusha of Mussaf.

Set up one table for wine and grape juice in the middle of the room, and four tables for food. Pour around 150 cups of wine/grape juice. The plastic cups are stored under the sink, the wine and grape juice are in the fridge or cabinets.

Set out all food on tables. Once the children's activity has finished, make sure an authorized person opens the folding doors. Carry the tables into the expanded room.

Platters, trays and baskets from the kitchen can be used.

One of the toranim should say kiddush unless there is a simcha and someone from the simcha wants to say it. Or find someone else to say kiddush.

Garbage bags are in drawers. Dispose of trash in shul dumpster located in closet off sidewalk to the left of kitchen entrance.

After the kiddush, wipe down the tables and leave two of them standing. Please note: Always remember to slide the orange latches away from the center before folding the tables closed. Some tables don't have latches since they have already been broken off.

Wash all platters, clean the kitchen and sweep the floor of the hall. If you used the tablecloths, take them home to wash and return by following shabbat. Brooms are in the machsan adjacent to the men's bathroom.

Additional Guidelines for Kiddush on the Patio

The Kiddush Coordinator, in consultation with the other kiddush toranim, may decide to have kiddush on the outdoor patio behind the building. This decision can be made on the basis of weather (heat, rain) and/or other factors. If necessary the Kiddush Coordinator will have the final say.

If a family with a special simcha wants to have kiddush on the patio they must enlist extra helpers to assist the kiddush toranim with bringing extra tables and extra food outside to the patio.

Open the side doors at the bottom of the stairs on the women’s side of the Sanctuary. Secure the doors so that remain stay open.

Carry out and open up five tables to the patio. One table will be for wine / grape juice and four tables for food / drinks.

Set up cups with wine / grape juice on the table to be placed near the rear wall of the building, to the left of the steps leading out to the patio.

Tables for food should be opened on the four sides of the patio.

In addition, bring two garbage cans outside and set them up on the patio, along with 4 additional garbage bags. Toranim should go around with bags, making sure that garbage and trash does not get thrown onto the patio or the grassy area around the patio.

After kiddush, wipe down tables and bring them into the building to be returned to the machsan. Two tables should remain open in the entrance area along with the brown table that stays open permanently.

Sweep the patio area well, as well as the hall indoors. Make sure that all garbage from the patio and from inside the building (from people who may have brought food into the building) is placed in Yedidya’s outside trash bins, which are near the kitchen.

Questions, Problems, etc.

In case of questions about kiddush, email For questions about the shul kitchen, email Eudice Winer-Harris