Jewish Law in Context at Yedidya

Yedidya is deeply committed to encouraging the extensive participation of women within the community - both in communal prayer and in community leadership. A standing committee on law and custom addresses halakhic questions which are brought to its attention. Given this framework, decisions are made by the entire community and/or the governing board of directors upon the recommendation of the Halakha Committee. Although we do not have a rabbi who acts as an authority figure, several rabbis are members of the congregation, and we appreciate their learned input.

Women read from the Torah during separate women's Torah readings and Bat Mitzvahs, read the Megillot during holiday services, and offer sermons and Torah discussions on Shabbat and holidays.

Our Simchat Torah celebration was the first of its kind in Israel and has been the model for other Modern Orthodox congregations by encouraging the full participation of women in the community. We focus on promoting Jewish learning for all members of the community. Lectures, classes and informal educational programs for all ages, within our community and the wider public, are offered.