The Yedidya Charity Fund

How does one donate to the Kupat Tzedaka?

1. By doing a bank transfer to:
Bank Hapoalim (12), Derech Hevron Branch (748), Account Number 444211 in the name of Kehillat Yedidya

Please send the transfer confirmation notice and your details (name, email address) to the office by email to [email protected] or by fax 153-2-6790540 so that we can issue you a receipt.

2. By paypal or credit card:

3. By check:
Make out check to "Kehillat Yedidya" and send it to the office of Kehillat Yedidya with a note designating it as a donation to Kupat Tzedaka, P.O.Box 53589, Jerusalem 9342155.

About the fund:

What do we give?
- Grants
- Purchasing Credits (tlushim)
- Interest-free loans

To whom do we give?
- People referred from Social-Services in Southern Jerusalem
- Referrals from other organizations
- Referrals from members of the Kehillah
- Non-profits (Amutot) active in the neighborhood
- Special projects

For what do we give?
- Basic needs (electricity, water, gas, rent)
- Medical expenses
- School books
- Day-care and day-camps
- Special events
- Special projects
- Emergencies

How do we decide?
- The Charity Fund meets monthly
- Requests are discussed at meetings and decisions are made by consensus

How does one turn to the Kehillat Yedidya Charity Fund?
- Requests in writing may be delivered to the fund by way of the Kehillat Yedidya office or directly to one of the members of the Charity Fund listed below.

Questions about Kupat Tzedaka activities may be directed to any of the committee members: Dorit Meijers (673-2884), Ellie Shimon-Render (673-3488), Mindy Schimmel (673-7541), Bobbie Silberklang (678-2565), Judith Mekler (050-8573758).