The Community

Yedidya is a pluralistic community, with singles, young married couples, and established families. Congregants come from diverse religious backgrounds and are encouraged to participate in many different ways (for example, as Torah readers, prayer leaders, announcers, program heads, committee volunteers).Yedidya offers daily, Shabbat, and holiday services led by its own members.

The mechitzah at Yedidya divides the Beit Knesset down the middle, with symmetrical and equal sections for men and women. During services, women's voices sing harmoniously along with the men's. The congregation functions entirely in Hebrew.

Since many of the congregants are immigrants who arrive with no family, Yedidya attempts to create a community and fulfill the function of being a surrogate family for those who so desire . The Kehilla offers not only prayer services and classes, but also social functions open to the entire community. Kehillat Yedidya maintains a Kupat Tzedaka (charity fund) to collect and distribute funds to those in need in local neighborhoods. A committee for Gemilut Chesed assists individuals in times of joy and sorrow. Immigrants and visitors from abroad (both Jewish and non-Jewish) are provided home hospitality through an organized outreach program, and Yedidya often serves as a home congregation to academics and others on sabbatical year visits, and young people studying in Israel for the year.

We are also committed to building alliances among Jews of different communities, and between Jews and non-Jews. We regularly host visiting groups of Christian Clergy and lay people for Shabbat services and Shabbat meals.