Board Meeting, Dec. 21, 2015


Members: Ralph Amelan, Yitzhak Avigad, Dina Winer (co-chair), Adina Golombek, Ronen Bezalel, David Gleicher (co-chair), Hana Levine, Kobi Abelman

Regrets – Yaffa Shira Grossberg

Audit Committee – Dvorah Greniman, Sharon Edri

Administrator – Miriam Fine

Finance Committee Chair – Mark Nulman

Youth Committee Chair – Moriah Simon Hazani

Eudice Winer Harris



1.      To set aside 250,000 NIS from  the current Yedidya funds (saved in UBank account)  and create a separate reserve fund

2.      To pay the halachic intern her 2015 salary with full tax deduction if she does not provide a teum mas by Dec. 31, 2015.

3.      To hire Maayan Porat as the new youth coordinator.


Agenda and Discussion

1.      Minutes of the November 2015 meeting were approved


2.      Mark Nulman's request that a 250,000 NIS reserve fund be created was voted on and approved.


               Mark Nulman presented the first draft of a Policies and Procedures paper created by the Finance Committee. Mark explained the document line by line and, as members had questions, various editorial and textual changes were made.


                The one area of disagreement and discussion was on the allocation of income from events   run by committees

a.       income goes back into the budget of the committee running the event

b.       Income goes into the general fund to cover the synagogue's overhead costs for running the event.

               No conclusion was reached


              Mark and the FC will revise the policy document and bring a second draft to the VM.


3.      The halachic intern from Lindenbaum has not submitted the teum mas required to pay her without full tax deduction.

               The VM voted and decided that if the form is not received by Dec 31, she will be paid her 2015 salary with full tax deduction.


4.      Youth Committee presentation – Moriah Simon Hazani

The unexpected departure of the previous youth coordinator required the youth committee          to seek a new candidate. There were no responses to the postings and advertisements. The        Committee has a candidate, a young woman who grew up in Kehilat Yedidya, whom they would like to hire. She meets the criteria of the job description provided by Moriah and the youth committee, will work 3 out of 4 shabbatot and will prepare during the week. There was a discussion on the requirement to report her hours of preparation during the week.

               There is a trial period until Pesach.

               She will be paid the same sum as the previous youth director.

               One member asked "who decides goals" – the response was that the goal is to have activity around each holiday and Shabbatot .

               The VM voted and approved the hiring of the candidate.


5.      Eudice Winer Harris presented the website and the calendar to the VM. She explained how to find what information where and how the calendar works.


6.      Debbie Greniman presented her proposal that only VM decisions (in both languages) be published on the website and that the full minutes be archived in an accessible place.


7.      Due to a recent situation in which someone made a furnishing donation to Kehilat Yedidya, the question was raised on how to acknowledge the gift.  When the building and Mercaz Dov were built, the Fundraising Committee reports that a plaque was given for gifts of $7500 or more. What about donations for less? There is a book outside the main sanctuary.

               It was decided to ask Marc Render and Laurie Heller who were on the fundraising committee, what the criteria were for entering the book.


               As a consequence of the furnishing being put up without consulting the design committee, there was a brief discussion about what has to go to a committee for approval.