Minutes of Va'ad Menahel meeting, November 17, 2015, at Kehillat Yedidya


In attendance:


VM members: Kobi Abelman, Adina Golombek (chair of meeting), Yaffa Shira Grossberg, Hana Levine (minutes), Vered Nuriel Porat, Dina Weiner (yoshevet Rosh)


Absent: David Gleicher (yoshev rosh), Yitzhak Avigad, Ralph Amelan


Vaadat bikoret: Sharon Edri, Debbie Greniman


Observer: Eudice Winer


Presenting: Renee Atlas Cohen, Programing HUB; Avital Ordan, library committee; Shoshana Baumgarten, Ground floor renovations; Aytan Kadden, Machon Lindenbaum Internship summary


Agenda: (attach agenda)


Meeting opened at 20:00

1.     Motion to approve minutes from the previous meeting - with the proviso of added corrections as per the 4 emails received.

Thank you to Sharon Edri for generously offering to translate the minutes to Hebrew.

It was noted that the last minutes posted to the web site were from 6 months ago…
For the minutes to be posted to the site they must be sent to Eudice Wiener. 


Decision taken by Adina G to allow change in the order of the agenda for presentations from non-VM committee members of Yedidya:


2) Report from the programming HUB: (attach Draft) Renee Atlas Cohen presented the draft of the policy statement being developed by the committee.  Much of the work is standardizing what is already in practice as well as developing various systems for ease of the process from ideas to program.


The presentation reflected a large investment of research both in the history of the programming at Yedidya as well as communication with various members of related committees.


Questions were raised by members of the VM as well as by the VB. For the most part the questions reflected concerns regarding the nomenclature for in-house and out-of-house programs, as well as issues regarding programming possibilities within the definition of the Kehilla’s legal definition as a synagogue, and what may constitute programs of a Jewish nature. 


Renee from the programming HUB and Debbie Greniman and Sharon Edri from the Vaadat Bikoret, agreed to work on this further.  The members of the Vaad Minahel are welcome to submit further questions to Renee at this point in the process.


3) Library Committee update by Avital, who presented a clear and concise summary of the library contents, the color coded system of shelving, the details of the work entailed to keep the volumes in good shape.  This is done with the help of Yehuda Miklaf (sp?).  Avital reported a good informal meeting on the subject of moving forward toward directed donations for the library at Yedidya.

Avital called for awareness regarding placement of books and replacing books to their correct location after use.

A call for volunteers a) for the downstairs bookcases to be stabilized by attaching them to the walls. b) to transport books / or the budget for transporting books c) help with computerization.  

Dina reported having a volunteer for a) above.


We look forward to more news of the planned book drive and progress on the issue resolution on the aspect of assuring directed donations go to the library as intended by the donors. 


4) Structural Building Issues:

a. Acoustics update: Shoshana Baumgarten provided a clear report and detailed report on the progress to date (attached draft) regarding ideas for the acoustical solutions for the entry floor prayer space. Once costs are offered, for the various options, they will be shown to the donor for comment and consultation.

There are questions regarding the necessity of more than one estimate.  We hope for an update from Shoshana in about two months.


b. Water damage update: Dina W. updated us that Miriam (admin) and Eudice (building use) are in the process of getting plans and estimates to repair the water damage which is causing a black mold problem in the downstairs office area and into Mercaz Dov.


5) Yedidya Hosting Interns from Lindenbaum program:

Report from Aytan Kedan, supervisor (attached) Aytan submitted a detailed written report.  Although the experience was not without difficulties - Aytan is willing to pursue future internship possibilities with Shmuel Kutzner from the Lindenbaum Institute. 

VM voted yes to allow future internships of this type under Aytan’s supervision.


6) Ronen Betzalel, who was unable to attend this evening’s meeting, has been approached and is willing to become part of the VM.  He was voted in by 4 yes - 1 abstaining. Welcome to Ronen.


6) Adina resigned as YR and will remain as a member on the VM and as liaison to the Youth Committee.


7) Vered resigned from the VM.  We wish her well and look forward to her return when she is able


8) Youth Committee - Adina liaison reporting: the Youth committee would like to hire a new youth director to replace the retired director.  There is approved budget for this to occur. The Vaadat Bikoret  raised issues of proper procedure in the hiring process which need to be rectified before the desired candidate can be hired. Adina will take this up with the representatives of the Youth Committee who were unfortunately not able to attend tonights meeting.


9) The Situation

a.               Mental Health issues: Yaffa Shira reporting: Dina Wyshogrod has volunteered to give a program on stress reduction at Yedidya free of charge to whomever wants to attend.  She suggests a donation be requested from participants.

b.               Physical security issues: Dina Weiner reporting: There was a meeting of the current committee (see attachment).  There is a possibility of an additional member joining the committee. For out of house events we allow the event organizers to bring in their own security. For in house events the Security committee is weighing the hiring of professional security, along with steps already taken among our members.  


10) Dina reported


a. her intention to explore areas in which current committees can be expanded or new committees can be formed to accommodate the enthusiastic volunteerism among our members.


b. Ralph’s progress (along with Miriam Fine) to reformat a database of historical policy decisions by the VM with the idea of making the information more easily accessible.      


Meeting ended at 22:20