Executive Committee Meeting 5.3.13

Present: J Rosenberg, Gary Ginsberg, David Gleicher, Penina Arbit, Esther Edell, Linda Gradstein, Bruce Rosen, Daniel Rohrlich; Josh Schoffman, Eliezer Feiner (AC). Minutes taken by Shai Cohen

1 Minutes of the previous meeting were accepted.

2 Credit Cards: Shai made it clear that credit card payments could now be accepted by the office, (but not to the Kupat Tzedaka);  soon it will also be possible to use Paypal as well.

3 Shabbat Hagadol: Linda requested a budget of up to 1,000 shekels to cover the disposable goods for the meals – accepted. Around 80—90 members are expected. Esther will handle the publicity in Yediot and Facebook. Prices 45 NIS adults, 33 NIS for kids 3-12 years old.

4 Falling Stones:  David: there is some progress, and Marc Render is optimistic. J: after originally ignoring our letter, Mendy Rosenfeld (architect, now City Engineer) has been in touch about setting up meetings to discuss how best to proceed.

5 Purim:  Pnina:  we raised around 30,000 shekels with the Mishloach Manot. 10.000 went to the Tzedaka Fund. Participation was better than previous years.

David G. the second megilla reading was quite full

J: the first one was full too, but not over-full.

Esther: the fact that Penina will not be running the Mishloach Manot next year means that we need to get organized around 3 months ahead.

6 Shabbat Hagadol: David Golinkin will speak. Penina is prepearing the flyer for Pessach

7 Yom Hashoah: Linda suggested that Megillat Hashoah should have a trial reading to get feedback from the members, if necessary only a partial reading. The Va’ad agreed.

8 Shavuot:  Penina will ask Debbie Greniman to organize the Leil Limmud.

9 The Va’ad accepted the plan to assign the area behing the shul for developing a park.

DONM: April 9, 2013