Executive Committee Meeting 30.1.13

Present: J Rosenberg, Gary Ginsberg, David Gleicher, Josh Schoffman, Penina Arbit, Esther Edell, Linda Gradstein, Bruce Rosen, Donna Goldberg. Minutes taken by Shai Cohen

1 Minutes of the previous meeting were accepted.

2 Gary Heller’s resignation from the Exec. Committee:  Esther E.: all of the current members of the committee are native English speakers; Gary has a lot to give as a member  and we should go out of our way to provide the right conditions for him to stay on.

Linda: we needn’t go out of our way to persuade anyone to stay on as a member; my impression is that Gary is set on standing down. While we can say that we’ll try to conduct business in English only, he can’t expect us to commit ourselves to that as a policy.

3 2013 budget: Gary G. presented the 2012 balance sheet and projected 2013 budget; “in 2012 we spent less than projected and received more income than expected as a result of cautious estimates.” Gary suggested that we add a line to the membership forms: “are you interested in making a donation to something specific in the community?”.

4 Linda suggested altering the pay for event supervision to 50 NIS p.h. Accepted.

5 Esther : we need to negotiate our fees with Wilk (accountant); in the past he raised his fees due to problems with our bookkeeping system. Now that this should be under control, there’s no reason we shouldn’t be able to bargain him down. Esther agreed to speak to Wilk about this.

6 Credit Cards: the Va’ad was presented with the relevant conditions for accepting payment with credit cards (via Isracard) , and accepted moving ahead with the project.

7 Building Maintenance: J: our representative has sent out initial notice to all relevant parties (architect, contractor, etc) about the falling stones problem and the fact that we expect either a solution, or will move ahead by ourselves and sue. We await their responses.

8 Past Events: Penina: I attended one of the pre-election meetings, and it was excellent.

Tu B’Shvat: we had communal singing, a dvar torah , dried fruit and everything went very well.

9 Future Events: Purim: Penina: there will be a meeting at my place on motzei Shabbat to organize this. As regards Mishloach Manot, we’ve lowered the prices, but will follow the same format as in previous years.

10 Shabbat Hagadol: Debbie Weissman and Pini Leiser generally organize the speakers. J will follow up and find out what is being organized. Donna said that she objects to splitting the kehilla for two parallel Megilla readings on Purim evening                                                                                                                                                  

DONM: March 5, 2013