Va'ad Menahel Minutes, 1.6.2011


In attendance:

J. Rosenberg (Chair)

Miriam Fine

Daniel Gottlieb

Daniel Rohrlich

Pnina Arbit

Gary Heller

Devorah Kalker

Linda Gradstein

Noomi Stahl

Ester Edell

Kobi Ableman



Moshe Bar-Z'ev (Recording)

Bruce Rosen

Hanna Levine


Vaadat Bikoret:

Carol Fuchs

Debbie Greniman


  1. Minutes of the previous meeting on 4.5.11 were approved.
  2. Bruce Rosen delivered a précis of the community Task force's  activities, mentioning emerging ideas and stressing the complexity of the subjects involved. 
  3. Gary Ginsberg discussed the four month financial report and suggested raising membership fees, quoting Marc Render's (not present) argument for the need to accumulate back up funds for future expenses.  Devorah Kalker suggested holding fund raising events en lieu of raising fees.  Hannah Levine suggested that a survey of fee t other synagogues be made. Consensus: not to raise fees. Kobi ask for what the NIS 10,000 cheque was used. (N.A.).  Other various ideas were discussed. Nothing final. A proposal to raise the hours allotted for a children's programmer from 10 to 15 hours for a three month trail period was made and carried.  Daniel Rohrlich modified proposal was rejected.
  4. A proposal to raise membership dues was made and defeated.
  5. Penina Arbit commented on the modification being made in the membership form. Proposal to accept the suggested technical modifications was carried.
  6. AGM:  Moshe Bar-Z'ev is in contact with the account who will be present.
  7. Miriam Fine raised the issue of recruiting new members to the VM.  A suggestion was made that a Chairperson should have sat on the VM for at least a year.  Penina suggested amending the articles of association to limit membership in the VM to five years, perhaps even retroactively. 
  8. Daniel Rohrlich suggested that the issue ought to be brought up at the AGM.  It was mentioned that there is a need to recruit volunteers for all positions, especially the Vaad Menehel and Chair.
  9. AGM: Noomi suggested inviting Yisrael Campbell for a pre meeting show. Miriam mentioned an alternative theatre programme with a a price of NIS 3500.  It was decided to invite Yisrael Campbell.
  10. It was noted that Fern Allen will publicize events in various media.
  11. Linda G. suggested that everyone (present) be responsible for contacting at least three people to come to the AGM.  The VM will circulate a list of people to be called.
  12. Shavuot: Miriam fine presented the programme.  Gary Heller will be responsible for locking up at 04:00.
  13. It was mentioned that 11.6.2011 will be the Shabbat dedicated to the high school graduates.
  14. 9th of Av:  Debbie Weissman is responsible for recruiting a speaker.
  15. It was noted that nothing was programmed for Yom Yerushalayim.
  16. Kobi will find a speaker for S'lichot night.
  17.  Miriam Fine discussed the Email survey form (re supervision of children). Daniel Rohrlich commented that the survey tool shouldn't be overused.  Survey needs need to be defined and discussed.
  18. The current situation in the office was mentioned.
  19. Mention was made of the early Friday night Shabbat services and it was decided to have them continue experimentally until Shavuot and for the rest of the summer if successful.
  20. The next VM meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, 6.7.2011.