ĺňă îđäě  ôâéůúMARCH 22, 2011áń''ă                                                        


In attendance:                    J. Rosenberg (co-Chair), Noomi Stahl (Emeritus Chair), Kobi Ableman, Esther Edell,

                                             David Gleicher, Penina Arbit, Danny Gottlieb, Miriam Fine, Michael Stahl, Donna Goldberg

                                             Eudice Harris, Dov Cooper, Gaby Shine Markowitz (Staff), Debbie Greiniman (Vaad Bikoret)

Apologies:                          Gary Heller, Daniel Rohrlich, Linda Gradstein, Carol Fuchs (Vaad Bikoret)


Some Vaad members did not want to approve the minutes because they singled out a certain vaad member as a non-Hebrew speaker and he has since resigned. The Vaad asked the chairpeople to apologize to him and ask him to come back to the Vaad. The minutes were approved.

Purim: The item about Daniel Rorlich & Mishloach Manot should be and was corrected to what was actually discussed at the previous meeting.


We will discuss this item at the next meeting when Linda is present.


DEOT – Stephen Edell has suggested a separate email discussion group for controversial/political issues.

He suggests that including these discussions causes ill will & if we need a venue for political discussion we can create a separate discussion group. Dov raised that as moderator he gets blamed for censorship (in a recent case because he consulted first with the Yoshvei rosh & thus it was delayed.) Dov suggested that if something is delayed, as in this case, the Yoshvei Rosh should automatically send a response of why it has been delayed. Michael pointed out that it is a moderated list & does not claim to be anything else. Deborah K feels that it is divisive, too strong and does not promote dialogue. Miriam raised that it is a minority that is unhappy and that messages are now titled according to the subject they refer to e.g. politics. Dov suggested that there is a feeling of extremism in the community. This is a problem for community participation. Noomi said that this is the main issue for the task force to tackle. While she is not sure it can be resolved, it is the issue. Dov pointed out that while everyone can say whatever they want, no one is actually listening to each other. We need to tackle the issue how we talk to each other. Miriam explained that the task force is currently working on forming the group & on its agenda. David G wishes to give the moderators the power to give the name & subject of the content of the message. Dov wants an understanding that because the list is moderated there are delays in postings. Esther/Donna: A summary of decisions & guidelines for moderation should be published in Yediot.

David: One of the moderators should write it up. The Vaad approved this.





Gaby gave details of the program for the ceremony. Kobi suggested that Kupat Tzedaka should have a table to collect “maot chitin” at the opening. Donna reported on the acquisition of the mezuzot.


CHILDREN & YOUTH: Children’s areas and facilities for non-programmed time are not part of the Children & Youth programming committees’ mandate. In her proposal Gaby had suggested creating age appropriate areas to engage differentiated age groups. Cupboards with toys & age appropriate equipment will draw different groups together. Parents with babies stay in the room of the kid’s tefilah which causes distraction & overcrowding, In addition there is nowhere for baby appropriate activity/play or for nursing. Gaby suggests setting up a Gymboree with washable durable equipment (mats etc) and putting it in the current office space. It would cost 5-10,000 NIS.  This should be brought up for decision making at the next meeting.



Nativ should be asked to come to the late Kria so as not to take up room from regular members.

Eudice brought up that there was no Gabai assigned in the morning and so it started late.

David as Gabbai rep took note for next year.



Jay:  We need a new computer for the office. The old one can be used as a second computer, for administrative help e.g. Helena/potential Social Justice Intern etc. This was approved at an estimate of 3000 NIS including the latest version of office etc. We also need to purchase a chair at an estimated cost of 300-500 NIS. This was also approved.



Miriam brought the Vaad up to date on progress with the survey. Example questions include child supervision in our new facilty is necessary – should it be paid or volunteer? The Rabbi role question:  Life guidance? Posek? Life cycle? etc


Pnina thinks it is too lengthy. Gaby suggested using Survey Monkey. Miriam said that the free version is a standard template & one can’t add customized questions but that she will look into how much it costs for the more extensive version. It would be useful as it automatically does the statistical analysis & is user friendly. Miriam requested an ishur  to go ahead & to recruit volunteers to make follow up phone calls to whomever doesn’t fill it in the survey after email prompting. David suggested an intermediate step of sending a personal email & expressed that this is an excellent beginning. The Vaad expressed its appreciation to Miriam of this great initiative & gave her the go ahead.



The issue of condolence notes was raised. Recently an announcement did not go in for someone who was not a member but is a teacher at the Beit Midrash. Kobi raised whether there is a difference between a flash special announcement & a regular Yediot announcement. Miriam asked whether we are an intentionally closed list given that Mizmor lDavid, Boyar etc are open lists. Noomi explained that it is more work for Asher. Michael asked where the line is drawn & suggested that if someone asks the Yediot moderators to post it that that is enough indication of its appropriateness as a bereavement posting. Miriam pointed out that it is an important mechanism for the larger community to notify people.

Michael suggested that we operate a test case for a year that we will post such notices from anyone with a connection to the community and will then see if there is a need to limit it further.


7.      MISC

·        PESACH: Kobi brought up Shabbat Hagadol:

a) Food – Moshe Bar Zev is organizing the meals

b) Speaker – has been taken care of

c) Siyyum: There was a suggestion to ask Michael Kochin.

 We should send a Siyum ad to Yediot; Pnina will prepare a flyer.

d) New people for Divrei Torah  on Chag night & morning: Pnina notified the bar mitzvah & Shabbat Iyun regarding when ther will be when no Dvar Torah. Shir Hashirim will be taken care of by the barmitzva.


·        GABAUT:

The Gabbaim – David Gleicher, David Guibli and Danny Gemulka met last week. Michael’s Yarzheit list has now been converted it into word document & sent to Asher to put in Yediot as a hyperlink so that people can fill in any gaps and there will be a complete list.


·        AU REVOIR: This was Michael Stahl’s last official Vaad meeting & he says it was a privilege & a pleasure to be a member of the Vaad Menahel.


8.      DONM:  Wednesday A pril 27th 2011




·        The programming section of the minutes was recorded by Noomi Stahl

·        The DONM has subsequently been postponed to Wednesday May 4th so that Linda may attend.