, December 14, 2010''


In attendance: Noomi Stahl (emeritus chair), J. Rosenberg (co-chair), Gary Ginsberg (treasurer), David Gleicher, Daniel Rohrlich, Deborah Kalker, Daniel Gottlieb, Penina Arbit, Gary Heller, Kobi Abelman, Miriam Fine, Donna Goldberg

Non vaad-members: Eudice Harris, Simon Caplan, Dov Cooper

Carol Fuchs, Debbie Greniman (Vaad Bikoret); Gaby Shine Markowitz (Staff)

Apologies: Michael Stahl, Esther Edell

1.                APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING The minutes of last VM were approved.

  1. Recent Events - Ruth Mason's Film Screening

It was a very impressive and lovely event, attended by around 180 people. Ruth reported that 3/4 of a scholarship for a music conservatory for an Ethiopian student was raised (around 12,000 NIS). There were technical problem with the disc & Eudice reported that need to ensure to make clear what we provide with the hall we cannot be responsible for technical problems with equipment. In future we need to collect enough money to cover expenses (set up & clean up) and take into account that there is a lot more work if an event is held upstairs.

  1. Future Events  

a)      Follow-Up To Social Justice Fair

Randi Garber is organizing a Shabbat Iyun (probably Jan 15th (Shabbat Shira) on refugee infiltrators. There will be a discussion of international law & how it relates to Israel. The moral side of issue will be addressed & she may bring refugees to speak.


b)     "The Messiah Will Always Come" Film screening w/ Panel Discussion

Deborah Greniman reported that we just need to set the date. Leah Klibanoff, the filmmaker, would like it if we would collect donations at the door towards our & her expenses. The film witnesses her encounter with what is happening in the Shtachim with Chagit, granddaughter of Yishayahu Leibowitz, a Shalom Achshav activist. It was suggested that a panel discussion follow on the topic of the relationship between religion & political ideals. Deborah proposed that Yehiel Grenimann would be happy to participate on panel. Someone from the other end of the spectrum should be invited to join the panel. Miriam raised that movie raises the topic of 'how is my Jewish self expression is affected by what goes on in the territories' and that the film should be a trigger for internal discussion. Eudice raised the possibility of holding an evening to showcase other side of the political spectrum. Daniel pointed out that this is a panel discussion on religious practice rather than political opinion. The event was approved. Date proposed Motzash January 8th (checked in calendar) with the alternative possibility is Feb 5th, at 7:45pm with the panel discussion starting at 9pm.


c)      Tu B'Shvat

Deborah Kalker is coordinating the Shabbaton so this may be too much for her to take on, since it is just before the Shabbaton. However she suggests a health fair where different people in Kehilla do health related activities (Reiki, Reflexology, Massage etc) & bring food which connects to the cookbook idea (Yedidya cookbook with bios of members to express community connection as part of 30th anniversary celebration- this could be kick off event) Idea to bring soup, breads or Tu Bishvat related foods , fruit, grains etc. Noomi said that we once held a fundraiser baking competition for Yad Elie & perhaps this time we could do it as soup competition (raise money for Yad Elie (feeding children charity) It connects to Tu Bishvat & can bring in a dietician to speak about health & nutrition. It could stand alone as an event instead of health fair. Gaby suggested bringing in a speaker from the ginger vegetarian centre (they do workshops & lectures on food health & Judaism). Deborah Kalker will write something up in the next couple of days and consult with Noomi.  The date set was Wednesday 19th January.


  1. Programming


Gaby presented three pages [attached] out of the programming proposals, which will be sent out in full later by e-mail. Up to now, her efforts focussed on (1) finding out what the concerns, commitments and activities of the Kehilla are and (2) finding a common language for discussing programming. Now we have to focus on priorities and budgets, and who decides on them. Should the Va'ad Menahel decide on programming priorities and divide up a budget to various committees? Should we make participation in programming a duty on all members? What are Gaby's own responsibilities and who will define them?


Discussion: Miriam noted that at the last meeting Elyssa had specific and timely suggestions for children's programming. Dov: The Va'ad cannot deal with specifics. Committees should formulate proposals for the Va'ad to decide upon. Gaby: Programs cannot be micro-managed by the Va'ad once they get underway. Debbie G.: The budget should be decided by the Va'ad. Simon: Employing a Youth Director, as proposed, is a major decision since any employment by the Kehilla is a great expense. We should make sure we are getting the most out of the volunteerism of the Kehilla, but coordinating volunteers is itself a professional position. Gaby: Indeed, I feel frustrated that I do not have time to do this. The Youth Director should be a young, charismatic religious leader. Noomi: the proposal for youth programming should come back to the Va'ad. It would be premature to take it the personnel committee. Debbie G.: In fact it would be the Youth Committee do the interviewing for this candidate. Carol: The proposal should offer both a minimum and a maximum budget. Gaby: I will work with the Youth Committee to bring a proposal back to the Va'ad. Noomi: We must determine how much of the programming budget (200,000 shekels over the first three years) will go to Gaby's salary. Jay: I will sit with Gary G. and Mark R. to discuss our budget.


5.      Shabbaton:

Deborah Kalker, one of the Shabbaton coordinators, reported that it will indeed take place in Yerucham on Jan 21st-22nd. There will be programming from within the Yerucham community. The price is lower than other places we have stayed. The Shabbaton was approved and has 22 bookings to date.


  1. Financial & Annual Budget

Gary sent out emails to potential budget spenders asking for projections of new items for next years budget e.g. youth director and furnishings/equipment for the basement. Gary will meet with Gaby on Monday to get all updated reports, will then create budget for net year. He will then review it with Esther, followed by a Finance Committee meeting and will then report back at the next Vaad Menahel meeting.


  1. Basement Project Update/ Chanukat Bayit/ 30 Years Celebration

Jay: The downstairs work could be finished in 2 months. However even if building is finished in two months it does not mean that it is ready for use until a while after that (furnishing, finishings, equipment, setting up procedures for use etc will all need to be completed/set up) Noomi suggested that if we are ready we could do a Launch event for Purim/Megilla March 20th . Noomi suggested combining the Chanukat Bayit & 30 Years Celebration.

8. MISC.

It was clarified that in principle David Gibli has taken over from Michael Stahl as Gabbai

A complaint was raised regarding being disturbed by noisy children at the back of shul during Kriyat Hatorah. There is a need to acknowledge that it is Beit Knesset and quiet is required especially during Kriyat Hatorah. A toranut of ushers like they have in Shira Chadasha was suggested who can greet new people & maintain decorum, or that Gabaim could take on the role of maintaining decorum with gabaot in womens section.

9. DONM Tuesday Jan 25th 2010 at 8pm

NB: The programming section of the minutes were written up by Daniel Rohrlich