ĺňă îđäě,  ôâéůúDecember 14, 2010áń''ă                                                        


In attendance:                    Noomi Stahl (co-Chair), J. Rosenberg (co-chair),  Gary Ginsberg, (treasurer)  David Gleicher , Gary Heller, Daniel Rohrlich, Deborah Kalker, Miriam Fine, , Kobi Abelman

Non vaad-members: Elyssa Rabinowitz Moss, Avital Orden, JJ Marx , Dov Cooper, Eudice Harris

Carol Fuchs, Debbie Greniman (Vaad Bikoret)

Gaby Shine Markowitz (Staff),

Apologies:                          Penina Arbit, Daniel Gottlieb, Michael Stahl, Esther Edell, Donna Goldberg


               Minutes of last VM were approved.


Some clarifications by Noomi and Dov Cooper regarding which instructions Gaby has gotten from the chair-people and the personnel committee & how to handle the administrative workload so that she will also be able to get to programming. A discussion if it is possible to get the administrative work done in the limited time available. Several people asked questions as to what Gaby is expected to do in programming. So far, her programming skills have not been felt by the Kehilla. What should Gaby be doing, how much detail can she go into? Elyssa suggests that Gaby get a limited test case to demonstrate how and what she should be doing in terms of programming.

3.            PROGRAMMING

Elyssa, representing the youth committee, reports that they have a dedicated group of parents, including Aytan and JJ who run programs for the children. They have lots of ideas but not enough time and are burnt out from doing this for a long time. The group sends a message that they are happy to revamp the children’s program, but that the kehilla should not expect the extended programming to solve the problem of noisy children. There must be a policy for use of building in place and preferably children’s toranim. The programming committee is not responsible for keeping the kids entertained.

The youth committee has met with and without Gaby. They see that the following is needed:  tefilot yeladim need to be divided into smaller age groups, 3 groups for the younger children - 2-6, 6-10, 11-12

In addition to tefilot, the group has additional suggestions: pre-bar mitzva group, post b/m group, minyan noar – by and for noar, (fast paced services), training teens to be madrichim for the younger children, presenting the youth with what to do when they kids are in shul anyway, we do not need to provide an alternative to the youth movements, not as hang-out. The recommendation is to get a youth director/leader, a professional who is present and works w. youth committee, activating people. Part time position, we need to find funds for this. Gaby said that she cannot do this. The committee has a wish list for the physical space.

J.J : Babies, need a space to be so that they don’t disturb the older children who participate in activities. This could be an opportunity to change the culture in shul to be more considerate of others.

The vaad approved the outline presented by the youth committee in general. We are expecting a specific suggestion, including costs.

Dov asks if we need a committee to fill the programming proposal. Dov is willing to be on a general programming committee. There needs to be annual programming (Miriam). Debbie G. tried to get a programming committee going in the past, but nobody wanted to be on it.  Dov will put together a committee to help work through Gaby’s larger programming proposal.

Elyssa says that it was not clear to the youth-committee with which issues Gaby can be expected to help.

Gaby’s task is still muddled, we need to further discuss and clarify with Gaby what we can expect her to do.

Noomi will send Eudice an updated list of our committees to be posted on the website.



Ruth Masosn’s film “These Are My Names” will be screened on Dec. 4. This will be a fundraiser for scholarships for Ethiopian-Israeli children in the conservatory Hasadna’s music and dance program.


We would like to have a Chanukka party,on  tues. Dec. 7, for adults.  Donna volunteered to help set it up, but we need more people to arrange this.


Avital Orden is in charge of the library committee and the only one who is active on the topic. Only two sets of bookshelves are being planned downstairs, half of which belong to tefilat yeladim. Avital wants to know who has jurisdiction over each shelf. The beit midrash also want part of the shelves. We would like more space for books downstairs.

Books that are not supposed to be lent out have been disappearing. Books should be clearly marked as non lending books. A notice should go up that not all books can be taken out. We should ask the beit midrash to ask their students if they took out books, and to return them immediately.

Miriam suggested a dvar torah about not taking out books without permission.

7.                KEREN EZVONOT

Requests from Keren Ezvonot, bookcases, items for kids programming, acoustic wall coverings for downstairs

8.         MISC.

9.         DONM  Tuesday Dec. 14 2010

NB: In Gaby's absence, the minutes were written up by Noomi Stahl and later edited by Gaby