September 1, 2010''


In Attendance: Noomi Stahl (co-Chair), J. Rosenberg (co-Chair), Gary Ginsburg (Treasurer), Michael Stahl, Miriam Fine, David Gleicher, Penina Arbit, Danny Gottlieb, Deborah Kalker, Daniel Rohrlich, Eudice Winer-Harris

Carol Fuchs, Debbie Greniman (Vaadat Bikoret)

Apologies: Koby Ableman, Esther Edell, Gary Heller, Bob Carroll, Sara Avitzour

1.      The minutes of the last meeting were approved.

2.      Preparations for the High Holy Days: RH no assigned seats, YK assigned seats for and services only.

Penina: As of now we have 517 seats requested upstairs and downstairs together, including about 50 seats being held for members who havent yet renewed their membership; we will probably go beyond that number. After seating all members, including those who have not yet renewed their membership, we expect on YK night to have 15 free seats for women upstairs and an equal number for men downstairs. The fast of Gedaliah will be absolutely the last opportunity to renew membership for the High Holy Days!

Eudice: Additional issues: audibility of the chazzan, supervision of the children. If parents dont supervise their children, the children should play outside and not disrupt the prayer services.

Noomi: A neighbor complained to me about the noise of our kids outside on Shabbat morning.

[Others expressed skepticism about this and similar complaints.]

Michael: We should tell parents to emphasize to their children that they must follow the orders of the greeters and others responsible.

Michael was requested to provide lists of the High Holy Day chazzanim via Yediot Yedidya.

3.      Shabbat Lekh Lekha (15-16 October) will be a special Shabbat for new members (about 5 families). The Harris-Reiss family has volunteered to coordinate it. The new members will be invited to the homes of older members for Shabbat lunch. Will there be a community meal in shul on Friday night? Debbie Kalker volunteered to organize it.

4.      Personnel: Gaby Shine returns in two weeks; Rona has employment elsewhere.

Miriam: Do we need an additional administrative assistant? Isnt 20 hours/week enough for all the work, as it was for Phillip? We should sit with her to see how she uses her time.

Noomi: There is much administrative work; she has events to plan, and there are visitors during her work hours.

A suggestion was made to ask her to report periodically on how she divides her time.

5.      Building update: Jay reported that we have a contractor, and he has begun to prepare the building for the construction work (e.g. by setting up temporary walls), which expected to begin soon. Expected duration of works: 3.5 - 4 months. He lowered his price almost to the price of the contractor whom we initially chose and then rejected in view of his previous work. Note concerning a lawsuit by a former employee of Yedidya: the lawsuit was dropped in mid-trial, and the former employee accepted the payment we originally offered him.

6.      Programming: Noomi noted that once the area downstairs is ready, we want to put it to use immediately, so we should plan ahead.

7.      Miscellaneous: Bob Carroll has asked to resign from the Vaad Menahel since he cannot attend most meetings. He volunteers to help with selected projects.

We have received the from . Miriam noted that Oz veShalom had recently received forms for renewal of 46 status (for donations to be tax-exempt) from the tax authority; Yedidya should be ready to prepare the same forms. If we have the forms from last year, it will be much easier to prepare this years forms.

Noomi announced that she is stepping down as co-Chair in November. The Vaad members voted unanimously to invalidate the announcement. The Vaad members were overruled by the co-Chair.

Chana Cromers painting Sulam :Yaacov has come down to make room for the current exhibit of Ruth Cohns work, and is in storage with Laurie and Gary Heller. It may go up again when there is no other exhibit.

Daniel mentioned that his nephew Netanel Warschawski is organizing an evening of study and lectures, followed by slichot hosted by families in Sheikh Jarrakh. He has requested to hold it at Yedidya on the Thursday before YK. The co-Chairs replied that on that date the Bet :Midrash uses the building, but the previous evening is open.

  1. Date of next meeting: Tuesday, October 12.

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