August 3, 2010''


In attendance: Noomi Stahl (co-Chair), J. Rosenberg, Kobi Ableman, Esther Edell , David Gleicher,

Pnina Arbit, Gary Heller, Dani Gotlieb, Deborah Kalker, Daniel Rorlich

Carol Fuchs (Vaad Bikoret)

Apologies: Miriam Fine (co- chair), Michael Stahl, Bob Carroll, Debbie Greinemann


The minutes were approved.

1.      The vaad approved new signatories for our two bank accounts at hapoalim and U bank, and also Bank Hadoar. The new signatories are , Gary Ginsberg, Gary Heller, J. Rosenberg, Noomi Stahl, Esther Edell, Miriam Fine.


2.      Gary Ginsberg will take over as treasurer within two weeks. The finance committee will meet next week and Gary will learn about the process. Esther will continue to work along with Gary as deputy treasurer


3.      Penina, gabaim/ot met two weeks ago. Gabaim are working on finding readers, chazanim etc. for the High Holidays. There was a discussion about Simchat Torah and they decided to reinstate the early minyan, starting at 6.00, and for those who wish, joining the regular minyan for Hakafot. Regular minyan will start around 8.00, same format as last year. Controlled hakafot, readings, geshem, musaf, Kiddush murchav. Penina needs info about membership for seating. Noomi will speak to Rona about this


4.      Hevra Kadisha, Noomi presented an initiative by some shul members to explore the possibility of starting a Hevra Kadisha for Yedidya and likeminded synagogues. Kobi is skeptical to the idea. We would need to build a coalition of likeminded shuls for this purpose. We have some members who are interested in pursuing this issue. To be continued when there is what to report.


5.      Office staff. Rona is leaving at the end of September. As of the end of August she will be working full time in another job. It will be difficult to juggle the time commitments of both jobs. Esther feels that even after Gaby comes back, we need an additional person to do the clerical work in the office for 10 hours weekly. A short discussion on the responsibilities of the programming person. Can we afford to hire another person to do some of the clerical work? We are recommending that the personnel committee look into hiring an additional office aid. Esther will provide us with an estimate of the cost of adding an additional person.


6.      Building update. Building is postponed until further notice. The contractor was rejected by the architect, and we now need to find a new contractor


7.      Carol asks that we announce weekly who is giving the shiur for seuda Shlishit


8.      Penina, there will be a weekday bat mitzvah, non-member. The plan is for the men to read torah and then the women. Can the women read torah from the bimah? In principle, yes, but Penina is requested to ask the minhag committee.


9.      Carol reminds us that the vaad meetings are supposed to be announced through Yediot


10.    Welcome to Gary Ginsburg our old/new treasurer


11.    Thanks to Penina for stepping in, in Eudice absence


  1. DONM sept 1.