June 1st 2010


In attendance: Noomi Stahl (co-Chair), Jay Rosenberg (Acting co Chair), Kobi Ableman, Randi Garber,

David Gleicher, Daniel Rohrlich, Pnina Arbit, Esther Edell, Gary Heller (arrived at the end of building topic)

Carol Fuchs (Vaad Bikoret)

Rona Atlas (Staff)

Yuval Baer

Apologies: ?


  1. Approval of minutes
  2. Financial report
  3. AGM, new board members
  4. Rona
  5. Building update
  6. Shavuot
  7. Shabbaton
  8. Membership drive
  9. No spitting campaign
  10. Constant fires behind our building
  11. Summertime, or, when Eudice is away
  12. Chagim
  13. Misc.
  14. DONM


    1. Approval of minutes


The minutes were approved.

Randi said that in general the minutes should be a little less wordy as they are hard to follow.


5. Building update.

Esther shared latest budget report made by Marc Render. Currently Yedidya is missing 330,000 NIS in order to finish building the basement. Although there are various possibilities of how to cut on expenses, the main expense is the air conditioning system.

There are two options for air conditioning a regular system, similar to the ones we have upstairs or an inverter. The inverter is considerably more expensive.

Yuval said the, although he is not an air conditioning expert, he knows that this system is recommended and people are happy with it. The inverter is considered to be a "green" system, saving energy and money in the long run. One of the reasons it's popular now is that recently the price for it has gone down to make it more affordable. Kobi noted that it is also easier to adjust heat and cold. He mentioned that it was originally estimated for less money.

Yuval answered that the estimate was decided by Marc, Chaim and Yuval. Since then things were added to that estimate so it came out more expensive.

The difference between the two air conditioners will be a little over 100 thousand NIS. the deficit without the inverter is 230000.

Kobi was unsure and suggested we consult an AC expert on how worth while the expense is, and how much money might be saved on electricity every month and what the life expectancy is for the new system.

Esther, relating to Marc Render's email, requested that the vaad donate money from the UBank account to the building fund and pay the difference for the inverter. In addition, Marc also asked for a 150,000 NIS loan from the UBANK account.

Noomi shared with the Vaad that a donor was willing to give an extra 100,000 NIS. Esther said that this donation is for the building in general and not specifically for the fan, Marc's request a donation from ubank is in addition to this and specifically for the fan. If we dont agree to this, we will not have an inverter.

Yuval noted that on a meeting that was held on Sunday, there was a decision to lower costs by making some other things cheaper (nagarut, computer stations, office space etc.) but that these are small changes and will have a small effect on the budget.

Kobi assumes that the donation that Marc was talking about, is actually just a pledge for a third of the price. Thinks that the inverter is worth it and that the money that will be saved in the winter will be worth it, and the Kehilla should pay the difference. Noomi mentioned the possibility of asking the Kehilla for a building donation.

In terms of saving money, Yuval says he suggested to save money on nagarut etc. but Marc didnt agree with him. Jay suggested Ikea for furniture.

Daniel asked what budget seifim went up and Yuval answered that the air conditioning and floor and ceiling ( ). Randi noted that one of the reasons we didnt want Aliza is because she is more expensive. There were two more candidates, one of them was cheaper.

Ramp: Yuval said that there is already a heiter bniya for the ramp and that if we choose the building can start immediately. The only technical issue is a signature .

Randi reminded everyone that the two issues that need to be discussed are the budget and when the building will start.

Yuval said there will be an opening, so that the workers will be able to come and go without disturbing.

Noomi raised the question if the ramp will be ready by RH. Yuval can't be sure that the ramp will be ready by then, but maybe it will be done without finishing. Also, it's better to start building the ramp in the warm weather.

Daniel stressed that these are important decisions and should not be decided in a rush, based only on one meeting and a suggestion from Marc.

Esther motioned to agree to grant 150,000 to keren bniya to pay for the inverter, which is the difference according to Marc.

(Esther reading email from Mark) - Kehilla is being asked to agree to a transfer 150,000 grant from gen fund to binyan. Additional 50,000 nis loan to be repaid over the next 2.5 years.

Kobi the Kehilla should loan 100,000 that will be covered

Esther Modified her motion: grant the building fund up to 150,000 NIS if they are able to raise funds so they dont need the full amount.

Motion: More loan, less grant. a 100,000 loan. 100,000 grant.

Daniel shared his concern that Yedidya is currently in good financial state given the UBank cushion and staying within budget but that this situation can change into a bad situation due to the 330,000 cost overrun. Thinks that this should be voted on in the AGM as an act of good faith in the community, to let them know the plans have changed.

Kobi tends to agree with Daniels concern and said that maybe its a good idea to bring it up at AGM.

Vote to recommend bringing it up at the AGM.

Noomi this is a matter for the vaad. No benefit in bringing it up at AGM.

Esther: Two motions 100000 nis grant, 100000 loan

And to recommend to the members at the AGM that we go forward with the board's reccomendation.

Agreement to Kobi's compromise which is to tell the AGM that the vaad will be presenting. At the end of AGM the Vaad votes according to community feedback.

4. Rona

was introduced as the community administrator during Gaby's maternity leave.

2. Financial Report

There is a possibility of replacing Bank Hapoalim as Yedidya's main account, mainly due to high bank fees. Noomi and Esther spoke to vice at the bank, complaining about the high bank fees. Ruti (from Bank Hapoalim) suggested that since most banking can be done online, all signatories get a mini-key and bank issues can be processed with their approval. This way fees can be reduced.

Esther motioned that before we change to the mini-key sysyem we wait and see what bank we switch to. Finance committee suggested that this can be done even while seeking alternative banking opportunities.

The Mini key is free.

Kobi has doubts but if its free, he is willing to go ahead and get them.

The Vaad agrees to gey mini-keys for signatories. Esther will confirm that there is really no fee at all.

- Confidentiality problem The office recycles paper that has confidential info. It was recommended that the office purchase a paper shredder. Noomi suggested that rather than buy a shredder, the office should be more careful about paper that has confidential information on it.

3. AGM

The Kehilla needs to be notified about the AGM.

Replacement of Vaad members:

Sarah Avitzur is not likely to replace Noomi as yoshevet rosh.

Randi is stepping down as board member after 8 years.

Esther requests to leave the finance committee and the Vaad, however, she is not leaving yet.

Pnina suggest that the announcement about the treasurer and replacing vaad members be included in the AGM letter.

6-7. Shavuot/Shabbaton Shavuot and the Shabbaton were wonderful. A Thank You in Yediot to the organizers (Debra and Sharon).

8. Membership Drive (Renewal) Pnina will talk to Warren to prepare membership forms. Last year the forms were also on the website.

Esther asked Arthur Freund who agreed to do ????

9. No Spitting campaign Noomi Tours to the Armenian quarter were successful. There wsa a suggestion to have more events like these tours, but only after September.

Further steps in campaign: Sending out letters and faxes to the mayor and the police as well as to the AACI and other organizations, asking them to be more involved. Carol suggested doing this online.

10. Constant fires behind our building the brush outside the shul has been set fire to by the squatters in the old "chava chaklait". The neighborhood police told Eudice that they are afraid to deal with the drug users living there. Kobi suggested we speak to current head of Minhelet. Gary gave Noomi police contact info.

-Building vandalizing recently there has been graffiti found on the shul walls.
There was a motion to install sensor lights and cameras outside.

Daniel brought up the halachic issue which apparently is not an issue.

11. Sumemrtime When Eudice is away

Vaad agrees that she will be missed, as always during the summer when she goes away.

Rona will be in the office, and Pnina will deal with events while she is gone.

12. Chagim

Gabaim need to meet and choose readers and Shlichey Tzibur for the chagim.

Pnina suggests sending out questionnaires by email.

Vaad agrees that the issue of Simchat Torah needs to be argued about.

13. Misc.

Sadnat Shlichat Tzibur: Chagit Kfir, a chazanit, would like to have a week long seminar teaching women how to lead woman's Tfila ending the seminar with a chazanut concert. Pnina reasoned that its good to have this as an outside Yedidya event in order to generate income for the building use.

Choshech Legaresh: Gadi Gvaryahu has a new org which is a coalition for liberal organizations (many of them the same members as Yud Bet Becheshvan), relating to the issues that arise from the book Torat Hamelech. Gvaryahu asked if Yedidya would like to be a signatory.

Kobi and Esther would like more info about the organization. Noomi will find out and update the Vaad.

Thursday night Beit Midrash :

Randi said that the community should know about special evenings that are held by the Beit Midrash. The community should be notified about these events which might also bring in more community members.

Noomi will talk to Itai about this, since it is his decision how to advertise Beit Midrash events.

14. DONM

DATE OF NEXT MEETING June 30th 2010 (David and Daniel will not be able to attend)