MAY 4TH 2010''


In attendance: Noomi Stahl (co-Chair), Jay Rosenberg (Acting co Chair), Kobi Ableman, Randi Garber,

David Gleicher, Daniel Rohrlich, Pnina Arbit, Esther Edell, Miriam Fine (former co- Chair),

Carol Fuchs (Vaad Bikoret)

Gaby Shine Markowitz (Staff)

Apologies: Michael Stahl, Gary Heller, Bob Carroll,

Debbie Greniman (Vaad Bikoret)


The minutes were approved.


Pnina made the following clarification regarding the contributions for the soldiers as part of the Mishloach Manot campaign: In her estimate 95 families/individuals participated in the Mishloach Manot campaign, 50 of whom gave to the entire shul at the 400 NIS rate. Of those 50, 49 of them added in the extra 25 NIS contribution for the soldiers (as did others who did not give to the entire Shul).



Esther explained that a Finance Committee meeting has not been convened since November as the new bookkeeper is taking time to get up to speed. Part of this is our responsibility due to delays in relaying the Kupat Tzedaka data & paperwork & finalizing arrangements for the Bezeqnet system with the bank. Esthers quick analysis, without the necessary reports, was to recommend to the Finance Committee that dues not be raised and rather kept at the same level. 7 of 9 members voted & it was passed unanimously. Therefore the Finance Committee recommendation is to leave dues at the same rate & not to raise them. This was passed by the Vaad. Esther will convene the Finance Committee as soon as the reports are received from the bookkeeper.


The Audit draft for 2009 was received & passed on to the Vaad Bikoret.

Esther reported that from first glance we did well & the Kehilla is in pretty good shape financially.


Jay reported that he, Marc, Yuval & Gaby met with Avidan, our new Project Manager. We received three responses to the michraz. Two came out similar to the estimated budget of around 1,000,000 NIS. One was significantly less which raised a red flag. Avidan is therefore investigating.


The ishur for the ramp is holding things up and we dont know how long it will take to receive it. As far as they are concerned, the kablanim are only prepared to start working once the ramp permit is in, as they need the direct access to the building from below. It therefore looks like no building will start before at least Rosh Hashana. Unfortunately there is not much movement in the municipality bureaucracy due to recent scandals!



The advantage of taking someone from the Kehilla as there would be a shortened learning process had been discussed and suggested names had been raised. However Noomi changed her mind & thinks it is better to use someone from outside the Kehilla because of potential complications such as members competing for the position or being involved in a lengthy interviewing process (it should be proportionate to a 3 month position). There is one suitable candidate at the moment. The position will involve less hours than Gabys as it will not include the programming component. The period falls in a busy administrative season so the candidate must be computer literate, able to learn the computer accounting program and have strong Hebrew. Marc Render is willing to interview together with Personnel Commitee. Noomi asked for the Vaads recommendation that we stick with original Vaad policy to hire someone from outside the Kehilla. Daniel raised the issue of whether anyone would want to volunteer within the Kehilla. Noomi doubts that there is someone who can commit to that amount of voluntary hours.


5.      SHAVUOT

Koby presented the program (attached here). The sessions will probably run over time (they were adjusted due to speakers' unwillingness to commit to the later sessions).

Neil & Rafi have decorated the Shul with greenery in past years. Laura Rosen did it last year & she is away this year.

There are no activities for children under 10 (although Olgys gan is visiting the day before Shavuot with Dov Cooper)

Kobi suggested that the issues raised at Tikkun Layl can be a trigger for future forums & Shabbatot Iyun e.g. Rav Lau coming in for a Shabbat Iyun (he was not available for Tikkun Layl); Debbie Weisman running a forum on the topic as it relates to Yedidya, etc.

Noomi noted that the program is looking great.


       Bazaar: It was a great deal of work but very succesful. The intention was not to raise a lot of money (we made around 2000 NIS) but we sent 70 bags of clothes to WIZO & 4 bags of clothes to Zur Bacher to a Special Ed school so it turned out to be a worthwhile endeavour. We were inundated with both people from the neighbourhood who have never been here before & clothes! The project created good will & would be a great youth project for next year. Randi noted that the poster production needs to be supervised and include our official logo. Gaby noted that this would prevent the office being inundated with calls. Kobi suggested changing the day to make it more accessible eg Thursday, so that chayalim who come home can attend etc.

       First tour of Armenian Quarter in Campaign against spitting on Christians: This was booked out before we could even advertise it & was very successful. There will therefore be a second tour & possibly even a third tour. Dates need to be put in the calendar.

       Yom Haatzmaut: The childrens choir was wonderful; Ariel Picard spoke & was very well received.

       Yom Hashoah: Daniel noted that the program was excellent as usual. Randi noted that we have returning non members who come especially for the Yom Hashoah program each year.

       Shalom Goldman - Zeal for Zion; Christians Jews and the Idea of the Promised Land: This event was poorly attended.




       Yukub Ibn Yusef on : will take place tomorrow night.


       Zvi Schreiber is resigning from setting up Divrei Torah for personal reasons. We are looking for a replacement.

       Announcements: Linda is going away in the summer. David Zilberklang will give it a trial run starting this week.

       AGM: We need to organize the paperwork for the e.g. '' . Avi Farkash from Ziv Haft must attend & be invited ASAP. We were waiting for a financial report to set the date & wanted it to be at the end of June. The AGM was set for Tuesday July 6th at 7:30pm. (Postscript from Gaby: On checking that the deadline for getting the forms from the AGM to the is June 30th, the AGM will now take place on June 14th at 19:00.) The question was raised as to whether a speaker should be invited, as it was not well attended last year.. Rachel Azaria was suggested speaking on Park Harekevet or lack of space in the local elementary schools or the Mehadrin bus line issue (or Yehuda Mirsky). We need to start thinking about new Vaad members (kehilla members who have been here for over 2 years but less than 10) & a replacement for Noomi. Sara Avitzur was willing to take it on but is busy with other projects at the moment. We would like to vote Jay in as Co Chair at the AGM and then Noomi can be acting Co Chair and then Sara can come in after 6 months. Vaad members should be taking on practical projects and this should be kept in mind when searching for new people.

       Weekday Bat Mitzvah services for non members: Pnina thought Vaad members would be interested to know that there have been three requests in the last week for weekday bat mitzvah services for non members. One is from overseas. It seems that we are filling a communal need. The BUC has been debating a 250 NIS additional charge if the is used and a gabait is brought in to organize (similar rate to renting a ). This also involves staff work in coordination so this should perhaps involve an extra charge. Noomi asked whether this is something we should actively promote. Pnina says we should just let the natural demand come in and they will go back to BUC re prices.

       Early Minyan: Pnina reported that the early minyan has requested to meet every week (instead of every other week). Some feel that this detracts from the regular minyan & creates a feeling of two separate parts to the community. It might not be sustainable. Kobi suggested that it should be discussed with representatives of the early minyan at the next meeting and should only start after Rosh Hashana if it goes ahead. He also suggested to perhaps make an exception for Shabbat Mevarchim. David noticed when he was here as a greeter for the early minyan and he became part of it, that there were not enough people present to make the minyan.

  1. DONM: Next meeting: day Tues June 1st 2010, 8:00pm



22:30 Across the Ages: Parallel shiurim for young teens (1014) and parents, with Naava Zohar Sykes, and for high-schoolers, with Aytan Kadden (in Hebrew)

23:15 Yedida Stern (in Hebrew): Rabbis as Leaders: A Critical Analysis

Jonathan Chipman (in English): Autonomy and Heteronomy in Halakhic Thought:  The case of Greater is He who is Commanded and Does Than He who is Not Commanded and Does

24:15 Jonathan Sarna (in English): The Crisis of Religious Authority in Post-Revolution America: A 1785 Sheelah to Rabbi Saul Halevi Loewenstamm

Asher Altshul (in Hebrew): Daat Torah: What Are the Parameters of an Halakhic Pesak?

01:00 Debbie Weissman (in Hebrew): Why Doesnt Kehillat Yedidya Have a Rabbi?

Hyim Shafner (in English): A Banquet for the King: Exploring the Mitzvah of Rabbinic Creativity

01:30 Gili Zivan (in Hebrew): The Rise in the Status of the Rabbi in the Post-Modern World



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24:15 (): " : -1785 '

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