Minutes of Vaad Menahel meeting 10.11.09


Present: Miriam Fine, Noomi Stahl (chairpersons), Kobi Ableman, Penina Arbit, Esther Edell, Randi Garber, David Gleicher, Daniel Rohrlich, Michael Stahl

Debbie Greiniman (Vaadat Bikoret)

Philip Yakar (administrator)


Apologies: Donna Goldberg, Gary Heller


  1. Minutes of the Previous Meeting

Were approved and signed.


  1. Income Tax Audit

We have received a number of queries from the ITA and have been invited to a hearing. Our accountant will represent us. He foresees no problems. The hearing will take place tomorrow (Wednesday, 11th November).


  1. Finance

Esther presented a detailed report of income and expenditure through 30.09.09, with a projection to the year end, which shows us in a balanced situation.

At present there are 300,000 NIS in the GF in the bank. There may be some significant expenditures in the near future, on the building (roof and electricity), on legal fees (claim against the Kablan and the Building Supervisor's claim against Yedidya). In addition the Building Fund may require a bridging loan of 120,000 NIS. Esther stressed the importance of holding cash for contingencies.

It was agreed that there will be a discussion on the use of the balance at the next Vaad meeting.

Esther pointed out that the Fundraising line is empty but believes it should be left in because of the need for fund-raising, and that it should not be omitted.

The Building Fund is committed to subsidizing the Programmer's salary for the next three years.

Kobi requested a detailed breakdown of the Bet Midrash expenses, including in kind items. Esther will discuss the Bet Midrash 2010 budget line with Haim Watzman.

Esther distributed a draft budget for 2010 (version 3), and advised the committee that she still needed further information from committees and individuals to complete the process. The target date for the final budget is 31.12.09 but it may be delayed until 31.01.10.

Randi suggested we invite the members to submit programming ideas/budget requests. This was agreed to. Noomi will prepare a text and Randi agreed to be the address for responses.

Penina pointed out that there is a need to buy machzorim for bar/bat-mitzvahs. Miriam said people are asking for books (machzorim, chumashim) with translation.


  1. Building Fund

Esther reported:

Ø  we have pledges for 1,385,000 NIS,

Ø  there are in the bank 350,000 NIS,

Ø  a further 780,000 NIS is due to be received by 31.12.09.

Further pledges are on the way but there may be a temporary need to cover a shortfall of 120,000, from the General Fund.

The estimated building cost is now 1,250,000 NIS. The balance will be used for the programmer's extra salary and programme costs for the next three years.

Kobi asked when the 120,000 NIS would be needed. Also he asked that the latest plans be brought before the Vaad, and this request will be passed on.

A maintenance budget for the basement is being worked on; income is unknown. The budget will be revised according to actual use in the future.


  1. Events

Ø  50 people attended a special event o mark Kristallnacht.

Ø  70 people attended the opening of the art exhibit, mostly not from Yedidya.

For all events there needs to be an advertising budget, and exploitation of free sites such as Janglo, Baka group etc. Those who run events should, perhaps, be asked to deal with publicity as well.

Ø  Fern Reiss has volunteered to host an event for new members in her house. In addition Shabbat lunch hospitality will be offered to the new members.

Ø  There is a plan to have Facebook / bookswap-DVD event. Cameras and computer stations will be available so that members can register for the Yedidya Facebook group. Also there will be a musical interlude. Jeff Rosenschein will be asked to help. Esther pointed out that some people are opposed to being on Facebook. Debbie Greiniman requested that a listing of member's professions be available.

Ø  For Chanukah the Chanukiya must be prepared in the Shul for both Shabbatot. David Waimann will be asked if the inter-congregational soccer tourney will take place. Suggested there be a games evening for adults in the Shul, and, perhaps, the Facebook evening during Chanukah.


  1. Chairpersons

Neil Pearlman and Sara Avitzur are the members of the search committee. It is hoped that one of the younger members would join them. The Vaad requests an update on the situation from Neil and Sara.


  1. Programme Planner / Administrator

45 applications with C.V.'s were received, and three candidates were short-listed. The personnel Committee, with the chairpersons, selected one and negotiations over conditions are now taking place.

Some members of the Vaad felt very strongly that the vaad should have been more involved in the process, through review of the TOR and the final candidates. At the very least, C.V.'s should have been brought before the Vaad before the final selection was made. Noomi agreed to send the C.V.'s of the final candidates to the Vaad.


  1. Miscellaneous

Ø  There is a need to set up a rota for opening for mincha on Shabbat.

Ø  On Friday nights it needs to be clear that five minutes is the desired speaking time. Daniel pointed out that it is not so easy to find members qualified to speak on Halachic matters, and that first-timers may, perhaps, misjudge the time.

Ø  Some felt that Friday night services lack tempo, and Shlichei Tzibbur should be encouraged to set the tempo of  the singing rather than letting the crowd take over.

Ø  The question of the number of groups attending Friday nights was raised. It was noted that a maximum of one per month had been fixed, but there were requests for more. The matter will be discussed with Debbie and Ofir.

Ø  The shtenderim need fixing.


  1. Date of next meeting

Tuesday 8th December, 2009 at 20:00.