Minutes of Vaad Menahel meeting 05.05.09


Present: Miriam Fine, Noomi Stahl (co-chairs), Kobi Ableman, Penina Arbit, Esther Edell, Donna Goldberg, Gary Heller, Daniel Rohrlich

Carol Fuchs, Debbie Greineman (Vaadat Bikoret)

Philip Yakar (administrator)


  1. Minutes of the Previous Meeting

Were approved and signed.


  1. Shavuot

The programme for Shavuot and Shabbat Naso was presented and it will be publicised in the near future. The shiurim are in Hebrew but all speakers are English speakers. Kobi stressed that in his opinion it is important to stick with the language advertised.


  1. Kolech Conference

The Kolech leadership made tentative enquires about holding their two-day July conference at Yedidya, but it appears that, in the end, it will take place at the Keshet School. However, they are interested in Yedidya being a co-sponsor, including appointing a Yedidya representative to their programme committee. The vaad requests clarification of the obligations of co-sponsorship. When this is known a representative ill be appointed.


  1. Kolech Beit Midrash

Kolech approached us to explore the possibility of cooperation between our Beit Midrash and the one they are interested in setting up. A meeting is scheduled for May 15th, between our representatives and theirs.

Daniel Rohrlich suggested setting up a Beit Midrash l'Shalom, together with Shomrei Mishpat. The Vaad felt that this could be coordinated with our Wednesday night programme.


  1. Gabbaiot

We are looking for new, permanent gabbaiot, or a rotational system.since somebody has to take charge even if the actual task is carried out on a rota basis. Penina Arbit agreed to check options.

  1. Recent Activities

-          Yom Hashoah. Almost 200 people attended. It was agreed that the programmes in future be in English.

-          Film screening of "Thou shall love". Some 50 people attended, half Yedidya members, half non-members. It was agreed that there should be another session on dati homosexuals, with Rabbis present.

-          Yiddish Programme. 30 people attended an interesting and enjoyable programme.

-          Shabbat Hagadol. Yael Unterman's drasha was well-received and she will give a further lecture on Prof. Nechama Leibovitz z"l on Motsaei Shabbat, 23rd May at 21:15.

-          Birkat Hachamah went well.

-          Yom Haatzmaut. The speaker, Prof. Menachem Ben-Sasson was excellent. Kobi Ableman suggested we pursue the idea of inviting other communities, although it seems they prefer "doing their own thing".


  1. Barco

The machine has been purchased, and used. It was decided that it would not be loaned for use outside the building, and would be charged for when used internally, as well as a deposit being levied.

Since we have the equipment it was suggested we have an evening of purimshpiels.


  1. Building Update

Yuval Beer is working on getting the building permits, including the outside ramp. When the permits are obtained the work will be put out to tender. A tour of the basement is planned for interested parties. When we get final plans we will be able to get a new estimate for the costs. It is hoped that building work will start in the autumn. The signing of Horaot Keva will be started this week.


  1. Annual General Meeting

The A.G.M. is scheduled for 14th June at 19:30.


  1. High School Musical

The musical show, directed by Shira Rosen, will be staged at the Mesorati School on 26th May under the auspices of Kehillat Yedidya. Some 30 teenagers are involved and proceeds will go to Yedidya's Kupat Tzedaka.


  1. Shabbat Noar

A final date has yet to be fixed to honour our high school graduates. Didi Harris has volunteered to organize the t'filot and it is hoped that there will be a Torah reading by, and, for, the girls.


  1. Guidelines for Outside S'machot

Concern was expressed over the maintaining of standards of behaviour of outside guests at S'machot on Shabbatot. In particular, smoking very near the Shul and the use of cameras and cell-phones were raised as troublesome issues. Is there a written "guide for the non-religious visitor to an orthodox synagogue"? It was suggested that signs be put on the doors. Penina Arbit pointed out that families are asked to inform their guests of Yedidya's standards and practices. Kobi will check if Itim has guidelines that can be distributed to outsiders having a Simcha or a website we can refer them to.


  1. Beit Midrash Sponsorship

Haim Watzman proposes different levels of sponsorship for a shiur, a whole evening and a series. Haim will be asked if the money is intended for teacher's salaries or to cover other costs. Haim's suggested sums were approved.

Sponsorship of individual shiur. Wednesday or Thursday: NIS 300

Sponsorship of special event Thurs. evening with special refreshments and more honor: NIS 1,500

Sponsorship of full series of Wed. shiur: NIS 1,500 (5-6 once-a-month classes)


  1. Purchase of Bulletin Board

The Vaad will decide exactly where the board should be located outside, and then fix a budget. We need to consult with the aesthetics committee first.


  1. Miscellaneous

-          Noomi reported that Kol H aneshama is interested in a joint project of Tzedek and Hessed with us. Noomi proposed a clearly defined project, limited to one school that Yad Eli supports. We are interested that there be a learning component on Hevrati topics and that the Beit Midrash be involved.

-          Dues for the coming year will be considered at the Finance Committee meeting on 10th May, and recommendations be brought before the Vaad at the next meeting.

-          A 90th Birthday celebration for Kitty Weitz is being planned.

-          The frequency of Christian groups coming to Friday night services was raised. Most felt this to be a unique and very important function of Yedidya. It was suggested that Deot Yedidya be an appropriate forum for discussing the issue.

-          Miriam Fine proposes asking members of the community who are Rabbies if they are willing to give t'shuvot to sheelot. If they agree the details will be posted on the web-site.

-          The Rumanian Sefer Torah is being given a final check by Akiva Garber. The Atzei Haim have been ordered. Esther Edell expressed concern over paying more money for a sefer that we thought had already been made ready for use, and that we should request money back from the Amuta from which we acquired the Sefer.


  1. Date of next meeting

Monday 8th June at 20:00.