Minutes of the Vaad Menahel meeting 16.03.09


Present: Miriam Fine, Noomi Stahl (co-chairs), Kobi Ableman, Penina Arbit, Esther Edell, Sharon Greenblat-Dietch, Daniel Rohrlich, Michael Stahl.

Carol Fuchs, Debbie Greiniman (Vaadat Bikoret)

Philip Yakar (administrator)


Apologies: Donna Goldberg


  1. Minutes of the previous meeting

Were approved and signed.


  1. Pesach

A speaker is being sought for Shabbat Hagadol. Noomi will speak to Itai (from the Beit Hamidrash).

Yehiel Greiniman will conduct the Shiur for the Siyum.

Asher Arbit will speak on Bircat Hachamah during his drasha.

Noomi and Miriam will take care of mechirat hachametz. Tzvi Ariel will be asked to do the b'dikat Chametz. Debra Kulker has agreed to organize meals at the Shul on Shabbat Hagadol for those who wish to purchase them.


  1. Yom Hashoah

David Silberklang was consulted on the programme. A film on the partisans will be screened (approx. 50 minutes), followed by a discussion led by Yehiel Greiniman. Hopefully, partisans will be present. The event will take place in the lower hall. There should be shmirah at the entrance.

Should the Yad Vashem event take place again? Jane Golbert and Debbie Kulker have been asked if they want to speak, and other suggestions have been received.

Other suggestions and ideas have been raised, but not in the style of previous years, when children of survivors spoke.


  1. Yom Haatzmaut

Menachem ben Sasson has agreed to be the speaker.

The question of a community activity (e.g. picnic) was raised.

  1. Shavuot

A Shavuot evening meal (after evening prayers and before the all-night study)l will again be arranged, followed by a children's shiur/activity and parallel short shiur for adults. Aytan Kadan and Nava Sykes will be asked to lead the children's activity as their shiurim were excellent last year. The main shiurim will begin at 23:15 and finish at 4:00.

Debbie Greiniman will consult first with the Beit Midrash people about speakers, and also with Debbie Weisman who has offered to help.

The following were recommended as speakers: Bob Carrol (on Tzedek Chevrati), Elkhanan Reiner, Micha Goodman, Uriel Simon, Avinoam Rosenak, Akiva Garber, Dina Garber, Yair Furstenberg. Tamar Kedar will be asked to lead a yom iyun on the Shabbat after Shavuot.


  1. Volunteer for Special Events organizer

Somebody is needed to organize speakers for all the special days. Names suggested were: David Gleicher, Yoni Hammer-Kossoy, Chaim Goldgrabber. Are Eti Ashkenazi and Menachem Klein prepared to help?


  1. Purim Monies

Esther reported on income and expenses as follows:

Mishlochei Manot          30,365

Machatzit Hashekel          1,950



Expenses                        -  2,410



50% due to Kupat Tzedaka      14,952.50

Income for Shul                        14,952.50

Special payment                       + 1,050



It was decided that there would be no change in the method of calculating the sum due to the Kupat Tzedakah. 50% of the net income from Mishlochei Manot and Machatzit Hashekel will be transferred to the Kupat Tzedakah.

Esther reported that there is a problem with the transfer of Kupat Tzedakah material to the book-keeper. We offered to take it on a regular basis throughout the year, but this was not taken up. The complete years material was given to the book-keeper at the end of January and this is causing delays in the preparation of our audited accounts for 2008. Miriam agreed to discuss the matter with Ellie Render.

When we are given Kupah receipts to mail we will note their numbers, dates and amounts.


  1. Building Use Committee

Penina reported on the conclusions of the last meeting of the committee.

Ø      Eudice will look into the issue of recommended caterers.

Ø      Reiterated that only members may bring cooked food from home.

Ø      The use of downstairs for small member's events (up to 50 people) on Beit Midrash nights is recommended, with the BM upstairs. Dov will consult with Haim and Itai.

Ø      Usage fees have been updated.


  1. Purim and Pesach Sections of the KY Manual

This is in hand.


  1. Miscellaneous

a.       Purim

This year no list of names of givers was distributed with the Mishlochei Manot, this because of the complication of adding specific names, as opposed to giving to all, or insurance.

Penina suggested that for next year no option for specific names be offered. A major problem is caused by the very last-minute givers.

It was agreed that there be no change in the procedure, but that name lists of givers be sent by e-mail.

Also suggested that 'green' bags be used next year.

b.      Legal Claims

A hearing about the original Building supervisor's claim will be heard in June. No progress has been made with the kablan.

c. Basement Plans

    A 'tour' will be set up downstairs to consider the plans.


  1. Date of next meeting

Tuesday May 5th at 20:00.