Minutes of Vaad Menahel meeting 12.01.09


Present: Miriam Fine, Noomi Stahl (chairpersons), Kobi Ableman, Penina Arbit, Esther Edell, Randi Garber, Donna Goldberg, Sharon Greenblat-Deitch, Daniel Rohrlich, Michael Stahl.

Carol Fuchs (from 21:15), Debbie Greiniman (until 21:15) (Vaadat Bikoret)

Philip Yakar (administrator)


  1. Minutes of the previous meeting

Were approved and signed.


  1. Chanukah Activities

While the Families Party and Calligraphy Workshop were both excellent the attendances were not large.

It was agreed that there is a need to document all programmes, both for archival and evaluation purposes. In order to do this a form should be prepared, detailing budget, programme description, number of participants, amount of volunteer time required, etc. This should be filled out by the "owner" of each event.

Thanks were offered to JJ Marx and Judith Green for their work.


  1. Shabbaton

Overall the programme was very successful and well attended. There were one or two minor issues to be dealt with. The Vaad thanked Sharon Greenblat- Deitch and Debbie Kalker for their efforts.


  1. Acquisition of Sefer Torah

The options on the table are:

         The Romanian Sefer, already repaired, but without and 30,000 NIS.

         The Sefer offered by a member for loan to the community, and which will cost a minimum of 30,000 NIS to repair. There are donors ready to contribute the money.

Decided: by a vote of 8 0 to purchase the Romanian Sefer. In addition we will seek a donor for the repair of the family Sefer.

Marc Render will be advised of the decision.

The insurance for on-loan S'farim is to be checked.


  1. Tu B'Shvat

A number of programme ideas were offered. Debbie Greiniman, Randi, Donna and Esther agreed to look into these ideas and to come up with a final programme.


  1. Deot Guidelines

Steven Edell and Dov Cooper, the Deot moderators, joined the meeting for this item.

A very lengthy debate took place, in which all Vaad members participated actively. The debate arose out of the correspondence on the territories issue over the last few weeks, some criticisms of the moderators and whether there is a need for unmoderated discussion.

It was noted that:

         Steven and Dov are carrying out an extremely difficult task and deserve our heartfelt thanks.

         In the poll that was taken whether to continue airing political issues through Deot, a big majority voted to continue allowing political discussions, although many of those who were opposed feel very strongly about it.

         The correspondence has enabled a considerable amount of learning on all sides and was respectful at all times.

         Anybody who wishes can open an unmoderated group, not under Yedidya auspices.

         Anybody who has complaints about the moderation can turn to the chairpersons.

Decided that guidelines and procedures be published on the web-site, and that there be no time limits on discussion time.

In summary Noomi felt that the past few weeks have been a positive experience and that we should be proud of this forum.


  1. Fund-Raising Committee Interim Report

Randi reported that, so far, just over one million NIS has been pledged, including three major donations and 23 others. It is felt that it is important to begin more programmes in order to strengthen the appeal of the new centre, even before it is physically completed. The programme committee has begun to work on an annual programme.


  1. Beit Midrash

In terms of the budget for the Beit Midrash a number of questions have yet to be resolved in order to prepare an appropriate budget line. The costs, at this stage, include refreshments, transport costs of teachers, and overheads (e.g. electricity). In the future, when income allows, the salaries of the teachers will have to be added. It is not clear if all, or part of, the subsidy is expected to come from the 50,000 NIS Building Fund money (for the first four years) or from our operating budget.

It was proposed that the refreshments be covered by the participants, or, alternatively, be provided by them.

In order to clarify the issues, including fund-raising efforts, it was agreed to invite Haim Watzman to the next Vaad meeting, for a comprehensive review.


  1. Help for the South

We are not aware if there was any response to Tova Avichai-Kremer's request for help for the Keshet school programme. A message of support will be sent to our members, the Libicki family in Ashkelon.


  1. Purim

Debbie Kalker will be asked to run the Mishloach manot programme again. Penina will speak to Warren about preparing the paperwork. The communal Seudah will take place, as in previous years.


  1. Request from Ruth Mason for support for film

Ruth is involved in a film project about the significance of Ethiopian names. The Film will be screened at the Cinemateque. She has requested that contributors donate through Yedidya, and/or that Yedidya becomes a partner. It is not clear if our Amuta can do this, so it was decided to consult with our legal advisor.


  1. Date of next meeting

Monday 16th February at 20:00.