Minutes of Vaad Menahel meeting 12.11.08


Present: Miriam Fine, Noomi Stahl (co-chairs), Randi Garber, Sharon Greenblat-Deitch, Daniel Rohrlich, Michael Stahl, Carol Fuchs, Debbie Greiniman (Vaadat Bikoret), Philip Yakar (administrator)


Apologies: Kobi Ableman, Esther Edell, Donna Goldberg


  1. Minutes of the previous meeting

Were approved and signed.


  1. Report on the Beit Midrash

For the first evening 120 people participated, about 20 of them members or children of members of Yedidya. Some 70 took part on the second Thursday. The needs of the Beit Midrash, such as books and tables will need to be discussed.


  1. Website and Warren's Resignation

The Vaad recognizes Warren's enormous contribution over the last ten years and thanked him for all his work. Asher Arbit has agreed to take over running Yediot Yedidya.

It was suggested that an events box be added and highlighted on the front page of the new web-site. (Likewise Asher will be asked to start Yediot with announcements of special events.)

Before the new site goes up we need to appoint a person who will have the final word in approving it. Miriam agreed to take this on. It was noted that it was important that our fund-raisers have something to show. Warren has agreed to help the combining of the old and new sites.


  1. Hagim Survey

We received about a dozen responses, and comments will be referred to the Gabbaim. Not all were happy with the "choir" for T'filat Geshem. This issue should be further discussed by the Minhag committee

The question of whether to have two minyanim for Mussaph on Rosh Hashanah will be raised at the next Vaad meeting. It was also suggested that afterwards there be a discussion on Deot.

Debbie Greiniman pointed out that there was a need for a gabbait at the early minyan. The question of whether the hakafot on Simchat Torah were too long was also raised.


  1. Chanukah

J.J. Marx is working on a family event. Programme suggestions were made and it was agreed that there would be only one community event.


  1. Blood Drive

Randi reported on the event (on Sunday 16th November at 17:30) and the individuals and organizations presenting programmes.


  1. Sefer Torah

Daniel Rohrlich updated the committee on his and Akiva Garber's examination of the Rumanian S'farim. It was agreed that legibility was the prime consideration, and not the weight of the Sefer. In addition a member has offered Yedidya use of a family Sefer. Any repairs needed would be carried out by at Yedidya's expense, and the Vaad expressed concern about the subsequent ownership if a large sum is required. The member involved will be consulted about this.


  1. Date of next meeting

December 8th, 2008 at 20:00.

(Carol Fuchs and Debbie Greiniman will not be able to attend.)