Minutes of Vaad Menahel meeting 03.09.08


Present: Miriam Fine, Noomi Stahl (chairpersons), Kobi Abelman, Warren Burstein, Esther Edell, Randi Garber, Donna Goldberg, Daniel Rohrlich, Michael Stahl.

Carol Fuchs, Debbie Greiniman (Vaadat Bikoret)

Philip Yakar (Administrator)


Apologies: Sharon Greenblat-Dietch, Gary Heller, Neil Pearlman, Penina Arbit


  1. Minutes of the previous meeting were approved and signed.


  1. Preparations for the Chagim

Donna Goldberg volunteered to recruit the speakers for S'lichot, Shabbat Shuva and Kol Nidrei. Names of possible speakers will be passed on to Donna.

In general it was noted that members are prepared to help organize events but may be reluctant to serve on a committee. The matter will be raised for discussion at the A.G.M., and a group set up after the Chagim.

Michael Stahl reported that most of the slots of baalei t'filah were filled. Warren needs the list a week before Rosh Hashanah in order to prepare the toranuyot. It was agreed that youth chazanim will not be invited to be Shlichei Tzibbur on Mincha, Rosh Hashanah. As of now nobody is scheduled for S'lichot.

On Yom Kippur the division into two t'filot will take place after Yizkor.

On seating, after a long discussion, it was decided that there will be assigned seats on all the days.


  1. Finance
    1. Esther Edell distributed an income - expenditure report, updated to the end of August. She noted that the monthly income and expenditure report does not include depreciation (p'chat) and she will consult with the  Finance Committee and the accountant about how it should be shown. Esther requests that she receive the post-dated check and dues reports before Vaad meetings.
    2. It was agreed that Overseas Membership letters be sent soon. Esther agreed to update the letter and invited the Vaad to send suggestions for its content. The dues will remain at $180.
    3. Esther reported on the foreign currency contributions and how they are divided, between the Building and General Funds. The issue needs to be clarified, and it was agreed to refer the whole subject to the Finance Committee for a decision. Kobi pointed out that it was possible to divide the funds (dollars and shekels) within the one account.


  1. Replacements for volunteers
    1. Liel Almog has agreed to deal with readers for the four brachot.
    2. Daniel Rohrlich will speak to appropriate members about taking over the organization of Divrei Halacha.
    3. A number of people will be approached to join the Shiva support group. Kobi stressed the need for a holistic approach, covering all needs from the time of death (לא עלינו).


  1. Deot Yedidya

Policy issues have arisen over the respective uses of Deot and Yedidiot. We need to review the guidelines of publishing items in Yedidiot and see if that solves the issue.


  1. Basement – Fund Raising

Randi reported on the discussion which took place at the Fund Raising Committee meeting.

    1. There is a need for a clear message, and not only as a children's project.
    2. The campaign will be for the basement and park/Kiddush patio.
    3. Costs range between 926,000 NIS and 1.27 million. The public campaign will be for 1.2 million.
    4. A pledge of 350,000 NIS has been received and we will need to raise 300,000 NIS from the community, in addition to other donations. It is recommended that members be asked to contribute 3,600 NIS, spread over up to three years (36 months x 100 NIS). Those prepared to give more will be encouraged to do so. Also a number of dedications will be offered.
    5. The campaign will start after the chagim and volunteers will be sought to help.
    6. Marc Render will present the plans at the A.G.M.
    7. The Vaad is asked to appoint a person to speak in general about the planned community developments, including the building, on Rosh Hashanah.

The Vaad approved the report and the implementation of all of its content.


  1. Date of next meeting

Wednesday 22.10.08 at 20:00

Because of the late hour the A.G.M. and Web-site were not discussed.