Minutes of Vaad Menahel meeting 15.07.08


Present: Miriam Fine, Noomi Stahl (co-chairs), Kobi Abelman, Penina Arbit, Warren Burstein, Esther Edell, Randi Garber, Sharon Greenblat-Deitch, Gary Heller, Michael Stahl

Philip Yakar (administrator)


Apologies: Donna Goldberg, Neil Pearlman, Daniel Rohrlich


Guest: Marc Render (for item 6)


  1. Minutes of the previous meeting were approved and signed.


  1. Yamim Noraim

The extra minyanim on Rosh Hashana will begin before t'kiat hashofar. A decision will be made about breaking before or after Yizkor on Yom Kippur nearer the time.

It was felt that the doors could be left open downstairs and that it would then be easier to control noise levels. People could be advised of the 'open-door' policy in advance, and notices be put up, so that there would be less noise at the entrance. Children should be occupied positively as much as possible including educational / prayer activities, and all spaces used, downstairs room, office, sukkah, park and, if they agree, local member's homes.

Noomi has contacted Yoni Hammer-Kossoy to discuss children's activities with him in general (including the Yamim Noraim) and is waiting to hear from him.

The question of an early minyan on Yom Kippur was raised and it was agreed to publicise it in Deot to see if there is a demand for it. Pini Leiser will be asked to lead the second Kol Nidre t'filah.


  1. Membership forms

The forms will be distributed in the near future. Spare forms will be available in the office. Mas Hachnasa, receipts letter and a shortened office-holders list will be sent with dues receipts.


  1. Procedures handbook

Miriam and Kobi are actively working on this.


  1. Rumanian Sefer Torah

Daniel Rohrlich is prepared to take on the project, including working with the Sofer Stam and looking in to fund-raising for the 30,000 NIS.


  1. Basement

Marc Render reported on the following developments:

    1. An anonymous donation of 350,000 NIS has been promised.
    2. An outline programme has been prepared by the architect.
    3. The pricing of the basic and perhaps realistic programme is 1 million shekels, including access for the handicapped, basic furniture and a Sefer Torah.
    4. An overall sum of 1.4 million shekels will cover all fund-raising requirements, including a maintenance fund.
    5. The Resource Development Committee will be revived and will prepare a fund-raising programme. It is hoped that some of the 'younger-generation' families will be active.
    6. From a previous 'forgiven' loan some $25,000 remains, but there will be legal expenses to pay for outstanding matters from the current building.
    7. The project will take about a year to build.
    8. Daniel Rohrlich is checking on the radiation issue.
    9. In order to plan the garden area outside we need architectural & survey work.
    10. Marc will send budget forecasts to the Vaad.
    11. Marc suggests the fund-raising committee approach potentially big donors first so we will have a clear idea of what we need to raise from the general membership

Randi raised the issue of a budget for a programme director and activities


The Vaad approved:

-          Going ahead with the project.

-          A budget of 2000 NIS + VAT for park area survey and measurement.

-          Approaching potentially big donors first.

Finally the Vaad requests that Marc present a more detailed programme to the A.G.M. on September 3rd.


  1. Case against the Kablan

A civil engineer's report has been received and also submitted to our lawyer. The architects have requested a meeting with us and the Kablan.


  1. Date of next meeting

Sunday, August 24th at 20:00


  1. Miscellaneous
    1. בית פתוח

As part of a programme of architectural tours we have been asked to make our building available to visitors on a Friday later on in the year. This was approved and it was suggested we make a brochure available for visitors.

    1. Sderot Project

Miriam reported that there were few reactions to her proposal in Deot. It was felt that, perhaps, the questions were too general. It was agreed that the people who expressed interest should take the lead on one project and see what develops. Miriam reported that there is a donor prepared to support the employment of a project developer for at least three months.

    1. Deot Yedidya

Bruce Rosen has resigned from the co-editorship, and Dov Cooper has indicated his willingness to take over. It was noted that items go out when both editors approve them, and any problems are referred to the Vaad. Steven Edell remains as senior editor. The Vaad thanked both Bruce and Dov.

    1. Ethiopian Children

It seems that they have stopped coming to Yedidya, so there are no behavioural problems to be dealt with at present. Rafi Rothman had been consulted and felt they should be "smothered with love".

    1. Shabbaton

Sharon reported on her investigations. The feeling was that Ein Gedi, at the beginning of December, would be a good option.

    1. Poland visit

Penina reported on the programme. Price (all inclusive) 1240 Euros per person for 30 40 people for 7 days, 03.11.08 – 10.11.08. A further planning meeting is scheduled for tomorrow. Randi suggests the group prepare something for Yom Hashoah next year.

    1. Help for Shivot

Jonathan Fine is resigning. An item will be put in Deot that we are seeking a replacement. He has agreed to continue until a replacement is found. He will be asked to prepare a 'job description'.