Minutes of Vaad Menahel Meeting  16.06.08


Present: Noomi Stahl (chairperson), Kobi Abelman, Warren Burstein, Esther Edell, Randi Garber, Donna Goldberg, Neil Pearlman, Daniel Rohrlich, Michael Stahl

Debbie Greiniman, Carol Fuchs (Vaadat Bikoret)

Philip Yakar (administrator)

Apologies: Miriam Fine, Sharon Greenblat Deitch, Penina Arbit.


  1. Minutes of the previous meeting were approved after two changes. Paragraph 3b, Dues should read: "Hayalim Bod'dim will be exempt from paying dues". Paragraph 4 Sefer Torah, add: "we should request a one year guarantee so that any mistakes or problems should be covered".


  1. Web-Site

A new site has been prepared and the address will be sent to Vaad members so that it can be reviewed. It is not yet ready for general distribution.


  1. Sefer Torah

There is no 'guarantee' for a year and no reduction in the price of 30,000 NIS is possible. The s'farim are at least 70 years old and doubts were expressed over its sustainability. Daniel Rohrlich agreed to look into the criteria for sustainability, even though most people felt the price to be too high, and it may be cheaper to invest the money in fixing one of our sefarim.


  1. Shabbat Bogrei Tichon

It was decided to have a kiddush in their honour on Shabbat Parshat Korach. In addition we will try to involve them as Shlichei Tzibbur. This year there will be some 18 graduates.


  1. Past Events
    1. Yom Hashoah. A very successful evening. Given the members attending over the last three years it was agreed that, in future, the event will take place upstairs.
    2. Yom Haatzmaut. It was generally thought that the speaker, Gilad Kirav, was excellent.
    3. Shavuot. Some 40 people attended the meal, and, in general, the framework for the evening was very good. The youth/parents session was excellent. It was suggested that this be extended to all adults but, it was pointed out that young people like having their own framework. In future Shiurim should start at 23:30, and there could be parallel Shiurim in English.

The program needs to be prepared before Pesach.

It was commented that the publicity was weak, but there had been a decision that the Shiurim would be internal, with the stress on Yedidya membership participation.


  1. Handbook of Yedidya Practices

The need has long been recognized, but it demands somebody to take it on and coordinate it. The office will prepare a listing of all decisions made over the last few years. It was proposed to ask Lisa Amelan to coordinate the project.


  1. Finance
    1. Esther distributed the Income & Expenditure report through 30.04.08.
    2. Esther distributed a draft temporary receipt form which will be used this year for members paying dues with post-dated checks. The form will be shown to the book-keeper for approval. Members will be advised that they will receive the temporary receipt and a regular receipt each time a check is banked.
    3. Purim. A question had arisen over the division of income from Mishloach manot, between the general fund and the Kupat Tzedaka. The Finance Committee recommends that the money be divided equally after deduction of any relevant expenses. The Vaad approved this unanimously and asked that this be made clear on the form sent to members.


  1. Greeters

A problem has arisen since some greeters do not show up and do not find replacements. Steven Edell volunteers to take on the responsibility of making sure people do turn-up. The Vaad expressed their thanks to Steven.

9. Behaviour Problem

Concern was expressed over the behaviour of some of the Ethiopian children who come to the Shul on Shabbat. The community is very happy that they come and will seek positive ways to deal with any problems. Randi agreed to talk to Rafi about finding a solution. Philip suggested that, if the problem continues, contact be made with the leaders of the Ethiopian community in Talpiot.


  1. Caring for Members in Need

Some situations had arisen recently where members had had problems and nobody knew. It was recognized that some people do not want the information known. However, where it is known, then Ilana Watzman has to be informed, since she is the community's contact person. Noomi recommends we put a note in Deot that we have people who can help. A list of people and their responsibilities should be distributed to members with the membership forms and it should appear on the web-site. Kobi mentioned that problems sometimes exist when husbands are in miluim, or parents, who live abroad, have difficulties. It is recommended that we seek an English-speaker to work alongside Ilana.


  1. Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.) of the Amuta

Will take place on Wednesday 3rd September.


  1. Yamim Noraim

Given that the new chairs are wider than our old ones we will not be able to provide seating upstairs for everybody. It was, therefore, suggested that there will be two parallel services, upstairs and downstairs (with the acoustic door closed), on Musaph both days Rosh Hashana, and, on Yom Kippur, Kol Nidrei, Musaph and Neilah. There will be assigned seating in both halls. A final decision on whether to have all five parallel services will be made nearer the time when numbers attending will be clearer.

Penina prepared a check-list for the Yamim Noraim and she will be asked to send it to the Vaad.

The membership form will have to offer the option of upstairs/downstairs seating for all the relevant t'filot.

  1. Shiurim

The demand for Shiurim is not clear. Those that do take place do not have a large attendance, but that seems to be the case in other places, too. Maybe Shiurim in English will attract some people. Yitzchak Avigad has agreed to give a course in Taamei Hamikrah, and it is hoped it will start as soon as possible.


  1. Security Light Outside

Daniel Rohrlich relayed a statement from Eytan Kadden, who checked with the Zomet Institute (מכון צומת), both via their web-site and via correspondence, the question of installing a motion-activated light at the back of the building. There are lenient opinions, but if the Kehilla does not own the area from which the light can be activated, the question requires further checking.


  1. Date of next meeting

Tuesday 15.07.08 at 20:00.