Minutes of Vaad Menahel meeting 20.05.08


Present: Miriam Fine, Noomi Stahl (co-chairwomen), Kobi Abelman, Penina Arbit, Esther Edell, Sharon Greenblat-Dietch, Yonni Hammer-Kossoy, Gary Heller, Neil Pearlman, Daniel Rohrlich.

Carol Fuchs, Debbie Greiniman (Vaadat Bikoret).

Dov Cooper, Eudice Harris (guests).

Philip Yakar (administrator).


  1. Minutes of the previous meeting

In item 13 the word Kolot should be Kolech. With this change the minutes were approved and signed.


  1. Maintenance and Security

Eudice gave a detailed account of current issues.

    1. Security. Blankets and bottles have been found outside the back wall at the back of the building, a cause for concern. An electrician has been brought in to give an estimate for putting up a motion-detector and floodlight above the area involved. The halacha committee has been asked for a ruling on use of such a device on Shabbat. Also the question of Shmira at events has been raised. Gary Heller agreed to examine the security issues and will ask Bob Caroll to help.
    2. Maintenance. The Irya says the truck outside will be removed this week. The A/C compressors have been reset and all units are now working. Some tables need replacing. We will spend between 4000 6000 NIS this year on cleaning and polishing the floors, which are extremely difficult to maintain. We need to replace several acoustic ceiling panels in the near future. They cost 100 NIS each plus glue but the work is expensive. Eudice is trying to find a Jerusalem person to do the work, since the Tel Aviv supplier is very expensive. The A/C technicians need to be brought in to check all the units, particularly those not accessible in the past. A panel in the acoustic doors needs to be repaired. The sump pumps in the basement need to be repaired or replaced. An exterior wall tile fell recently. Because of legal problems with the Kablan we cannot ask him to deal with the current problems, including the cracked glass panel. Eudice stressed that all matters pertaining to the building must be referred to the Maintenance Committee, and there has to be communication and coordination. As a last point Eudice requested that the book committee purchase chumashim with an English translation.


  1. Finance
    1. Budget

Following a Finance Committee meeting a recommendation was put before the Vaad to change several lines in 2008 budget, this in light of actual expenses and income.

The revised budget (attached) was approved. It was agreed that sums be rounded to the nearest 100 NIS. The issue of the division of Purim income (Mishloach manot and machatzit hashekel) between the Shul and Kupat Tzedaka will be raised at a subsequent meeting.

    1. Dues

The FC recommends:

-          Hayalim bod'dim will be exempt from paying dues;

-          students will pay 250 NIS until Tisha B'Av, and 300 after (instead of 350);

-          other dues will not be raised.

These recommendations will be considered at the next meeting.

    1. 2007 Audit

The material has been passed on by the book-keeper to the accountant.

    1. Book-keeper

Esther is not pleased with his work and will look to replace him from January 1st 2009. Esther will prepare an information document of our needs, and will invite book-keepers to submit bids accordingly. Vaad members are requested to give names to Esther.


  1. Sefer Torah

A Sefer, brought from Rumania, and checked, will cost 30,000 NIS, and our request to acquire one has been approved. It is available immediately.

It was decided that we should see if the price is negotiable, and get it checked further for its Kashrut. Asher Arbit will be asked to help with this. If it is O.K. we will look for donors. We should request a one year 'guarantee' so that any mistakes or problems would be covered.


  1. Radiation Test

The Building Fund (which will pay) and the Finance Committee, recommend that the test be carried out, at a cost of 1500 NIS. The test is required since the architect is working on plans for the basement and needs to know what is required in the area of the Electricity Co. transformer.

Daniel Rohrlich will talk to Marc Render about the nature and efficacy of the test.

The expenditure of 1500 NIS was approved.


  1. Shavuot

A pot-luck (planned) dinner will take place after t'filah. Miriam will seek someone preferably a newer member to take this on. Also Deborah Kalker's name was suggested.

22:30 1st Shiur kids 10-14 and parents with Nava Sykes.

High-school and parents with Eytan Kadan.

Hevruta for adults.

23:30 2nd Shiur on s'fekot with Yehiel Greiniman and Danny Brom.

Yehuda Mirsky, Gary Heller (in English) and Jonathan Chipman have agreed to give shiurim. It was noted that no women were asked (or agreed) to give the general Shiurim. Activities for kids under 10 will be arranged before Shavuot. At the supper will there be a dvar torah, singing? Neil offered to prepare the flowers and a budget of 400 NIS was approved.


  1. Rules for behaviour

A lengthy discussion took place based on a document prepared by Debbie Greiniman. It was felt that there were too many negatives, and that this would turn families away. What is required is a positive program to keep kids occupied. In addition specific parents could be approached and asked to get their children to behave in a respectful way to congregants and the building, itself. Undoubtedly damage and safety issues have to be addressed.

Yoni Hammer-Kossoy agreed to set up an ad-hoc group of parents and members to consider the issues and make recommendations.


  1. Shabbaton

Sharon is continuing to search for an appropriate place. Neil will pass to Sharon some ideas that he has. Penina will advise Sharon of the dates of the Poland trip in order to avoid a clash. It was felt to be too late to organize an in-town Shabbaton.


  1. Date of next meeting

16.06.08 at 20:00


Because of the late hour the following items were not discussed:

-          Time-frame for rental inquiries responses.

-          Review of previous events.

-          Implementation of yom iyun ideas.

-          Yom Yerushalayim.

-          Shabbat Derech Eretz.

-          Ethiopian Theatre Group.