Minutes of Vaad Menahel Meeting - January 09, 2008

Present: Miriam Fine, Noomi Stahl (chairpersons), Penina Arbit, Kobi Abelman, Warren Burstein, Esther Edell, Sharon Greenblat-Deitch, Daniel Rohrlich, Philip Yakar (administrator)

Apologies: Randi Garber, Donna Goldberg, Gary Heller, Neil Pearlman, Michael Stahl

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved and signed.

Building Use Committee

The Vaad approved all recommendations proposed by the BUC. The following specific issues in the recommendations were discussed:

There should be no non-member events on weeknights or Shabbatot.

The BUC be authorized to consider exceptions and make decisions.

New forms for hall reservations and recording and tracking building use have been prepared.

The building use committee may decide on exceptions without getting back to the Vaad each time for approval.

How to increase events that would generate income and which committee (BUC, Education and events committees or perhaps a new committee) would be responsible.

Budget 2008 and Financial Matters

The Budget (attached) was presented by Esther and approved by the Vaad. It was noted that the fund-raising and contingency reserve fund lines were, at this stage, left empty. A donation of 5000 NIS was made in 2007 for the contingency reserve fund. Also the audit fee for 2008 is still being negotiated. Salary costs will decrease since the Employer's Tax (4%) has been cancelled, although we will have to add the new pension payments.

All expenditures over 500 NIS will still have to be approved by the Vaad. Esther is now writing checks and keeping a running record of income and expenditure.

Personnel Committee

In the past there were cleaners and an Av Bayit The committee recommended combining the cleaner with the Av Bayit as one position. Three people were interviewed and one chosen.

After lengthy argument it was decided to maintain the current Av Bayit for opening/closing and carrying furniture (and other such tasks that do not involve maintenance or cleaning) at a maximum of 11 hours/month to be reviewed in 2 months time.

Shatil Update

Miriam reported that she had met with the advisor and understood the process in mind. He is asking that each committee develop a vision and a programme for attaining it. Miriam suggests that a Shabbat Yom Iyun be organized when five members will be invited to present their own personal vision for Yedidya.

Website and Membership List

Dov Cooper is working on a comprehensive calendar for all Shul functions. Yoni Harris is working on a Yedidya information website.

The publishing of the membership list is problematic and a number of views have been expressed through Deot. The possibility of using password(s) will be looked into.


The Vaad Menahel approved the following:

To revive a working library / book committee. Avital Ordan will lead this but other volunteers are needed.

The committee is mandated to decide policy on which books belong where, what to do with contributions, completing sets, purchasing books (including in English), cataloguing and work procedures, lending (or not) of books, seeking donations, putting the catalogue on the web-site, and room for expansion (basement?), and to deal with children's books.

The committee deliberate on, and put in writing, the purpose of the library.


Tu B'Shvat

Daniel Pedersen will be the speaker. That evening a Special General Meeting will take place to approve new members of the Vaadat Bikoret and Vaad Hamenahel.


3000 NIS was approved for expenditure on Purim.

Yom Haatzmaut

Agreed to invite R. Gilad Kariv to speak. He should be reminded that he has a limited time to speak


Suggested that Yaron Ezrachi be invited to give a Yom Iyun on the topic of Israel's proposed constitution.

Kupat Tzedaka

The Kupah committee requests approval for internet access to the Kupah bank account. The Vaad Menahel authorized this for information purposes only, not for transactions.

Committee Contact People

BUC: Dov Cooper

Maintenance: Gary Heller

Personnel: Marc Render

Upcoming Chagim

Will be discussed at the next meeting.

Date of next meeting

4.2.08 at 20.00

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