Minutes of Vaad Menahel Meeting 29.10.07

Present: Penina Arbit, Randi Garber (co-chairs), Kobi Abelman, Jody Blum, Simon Caplan, Dov Cooper, Donna Goldberg, Daniel Rohrlich, Neil Pearlman, Bobbie Silberklang, Michael Stahl, Philip Yakar (administrator)

Apologies: Warren Burstein, Esther Edell, Yonni Hammer-Kossoy

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved and signed.

Feedback on the Chagim

Michael Stahl gave a detailed review of the Chagim, and members of the Vaad gave their views. The following points were raised:

General            Not all the Shlichei Tzibbur were sufficiently prepared.

The Gabbaim were asked to consider reinstating the Minhag of distributing Aliyot over the Yamim Noraim period to  those who actively contribute to the functioning of the Kehilla.

Not many people came to the pre-chagim open discussion

The A.G.M. should set up a committee to program the Chagim, and it should meet before the summer.

Gabbaim should meet now to discuss the çâéí and fix times for next year.

Simchat Torah

Simchat Torah t'filah was not intended to be quick, as some people thought.

- The dancing began too early for the kids.

- The question of two minyanim on Simchat Torah arose, or alternatively a minyan at 8:00, and one at 9:00 without P'sukei d'Zimra.

- There was a real participation and interest in the Hakafot.

- Do we have to formally provide an alternative to Hakafot, e.g. Limmud?

Should there be an early mussaph on Simchat Torah? Only if decided as policy?

 Kiddush on Simchat Torah should be after the Aliyot.

There is a need to publicise the names of the Chatanim  the way the women publicise the names of the Kallot.

There need to be two Sifrei Torah for the children.

The women's reading was better than in previous years.

Sukkot             There was a problem with chairs for Hoshanot on first day Sukkot.

- Kohelet was read too quickly.

Rosh Hashana

There is a need for children's t'filah and activities on Rosh Hashanah. Parents should be engaged to plan activities.

- We should consider  employing kids (non-members) to run such activities.

Yom Kippur

There should be assigned seats on Yom Kippur morning. (Unfortunately there are not enough chairs available to do this.)

- We should consider whether there is a need for a second minyan for Neilah.

In summary, there will be an  planning meeting open to the whole community (before or after the summer break), which will examine all the points raised and consider options.

New procedure for taking out the Torah for Women's readings

Kobi reiterated his point that Vaadat Minhag recommendations have to be approved by the Vaad Menahel before implementation.

The recommendation of the Vaadat Minhag committee was placed before the Vaad. (Recommendation attached.) It was decided not to accept it as it stands but to return it to the Vaadat Minhag. Michael and Kobi will compose a response to the Vaadat Minhag.

They are asked to address the issue of returning the Sefer to the Aron, and other options that might also be helpful with the timing.. The Vaadat Minhag will be empowered to try different arrangements (preferably not on Shabbatot with a Simcha that includes a women's reading) without referring back to the Vaad. Meanwhile the new procedure remains in place.

Presents for newly-weds

It was unanimously approved to give a present to the value of 70 NIS at the time of the announcements. No special speeches will be made. A mezuzah or challah cover were suggested as possible gifts.

Development of the Basement

Aliza Arens will be the architect. A Design Committee has been set up, consisting of the following members:

Judith Green, Vered Nuriel Porat, Cheri Fox, Randi Garber, Jennifer Bayer Gamulka, Marc Render, Haim Watzman, J.J. Marx. Donna Goldberg volunteered to join the group.

Chanukah Program


Kobi – tiyulim with members  who lived in other shchunot (e.g. the Jewish Quarter – Micky  Mannheim and David Wilensky).

Randi – event  with our neighbours.

Neil – Noga Fuchs to be asked to prepare a short choral program with our kids.


Randi reported on the two meetings, attended by herself, Penina and Philip, which took place with the organizational advisor from Shatil that were part of the application process. Shatil has decided to offer us organizational consultancy for a period of three months (2 meetings a month) with a possible extension. The first meeting will be with the Vaad on November 12th.Those involved in the internal process last year will also be invite (previous Y"R and young members). It is very important that another Gabbai will be present since Michael cannot attend.

Annual General Meeting 18.11.07

Elections for the Vaad will take place. Randi and Penina presented a letter of resignation from the chairpersonship. They are prepared to continue to be Vaad members. In addition Jody tendered her resignation, as treasurer and chairperson of the Finance Committee, and from the Vaad. Jody is willing to continue to serve as a member of the Finance Committee. Suggested that the Kehilla consider setting a time limit for serving on the Vaad. At the AGM ideas about the basement development plan will be presented and comments invited.

Date of next meeting

12th November 2007 at 20:00.


Daniel pointed out how important it is to recruit newer members for active roles, and linked it to turnover on the part of members who have long held the same roles.

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