Minutes of Vaad Menahel Meeting - May 13, 2007

Present: Penina Arbit, Randi Garber (chairpersons), Warren Burstein, Dov Cooper, Esther Edell, Donna Goldberg, Daniel Rohrlich, Neil Pearlman, Bobbie Silberklang, Philip Yakar (administrator), Miriam Fine (Vaadat Bikoret)

Apologies: Kobi Ableman, Jody Blum, Simon Caplan


Minutes of the Previous Meeting were approved and signed.

Jerusalem Stories Performance Exhibit Dialogues

Randi presented details of the above – a dialogue of Arab and Jewish  stories. They are interested in presenting at Yedidya, without charge, and will allow Yedidya to use the event as a fund-raiser if we wish.. The Vaad asked for more details although interest in general was expressed and the period of the "three weeks" was thought suitable. Randi will circulate the e-mail she received, for further comments.

Personnel Committee

The committee is in the process of terminating the employment of the present cleaner. We are, therefore, seeking a replacement.


Michael Stahl has agreed to join the Vaad, as representative of the new Gabbaim.

Michael asked that the issue of throwing candy at Bar-mitzvahs be discussed by the Vaad. It was decided that:

- an announcement be made that children not aim deliberately at the celebrant;

- the families be asked to cut down on the amount (2 kg instead of 5 kg);

- the candy be soft.

Membership Forms

These will be printed soon, after the Finance Committee meets, tomorrow, to discuss dues for the upcoming year. Artur Frajnd will be asked to handle requests for hanachot.

Summer Schedule

Penina will be out of action mid-July through Rosh Hashana. Philip will be away 28.06 – 09.07. Eudice will be handling the events calendar during his absence.

For the future we need to plan divrei Torah/shiurim for s'lichot, Shabbat Shuva, Kol Nidrei and Tisha B'Av. Miriam Fine agreed to ask Moshe Halbertal to give the shiur on Tisha B'Av. If he cannot do it Donna agreed to ask Rabbi Dannie Landes.

Eti and Kobi will be updated about speakers.

Suggested that David Bernstein would be an appropriate person to speak at some future event. MDA is interested in having another blood-drive at Yedidya, date to be decided.


Since all kinds of material have appeared on the board, without any control, the Vaad decided that the following rules will apply:

- the board will be used for Yedidya matters and related community notifications only;

- members are asked not to put up private notices, commercial or otherwise;

- the Vaad, or its designated representative, reserve the right to remove any notices deemed inappropriate.

Warren will be asked to post this on Yediot for all the members. Philip will send him the wording.

The Vaad recognizes the need for a bulletin board outside the building.

Neil pointed out that there is a need to control the placing of leaflets upstairs. Any fliers should be placed on the small shelf downstairs at the entrance, at least until the donor book is placed there.

Deot Yedidya

Bruce Rosen joined the meeting for this discussion.

Steven Edell and Bruce Rosen will begin their work as moderators of Deot on July 1st. Bruce presented the following policy guidelines:

- Deot should contribute to community strength;

- It should be forward-looking;

- It should be concerned with policy, and not be personal;

- It should be Yedidya specific.

Arising from these guidelines, which were accepted, the following comments were made:

- should questions or comments about specific activities appear on Deot or be addressed directly to the initiators of the activities?

- all material can be suitable for Deot except personal matters;

- all legitimate criticism is in order and opens up issues;

- nothing which is divisive or causes pain should be published;

- the guidelines are appropriate and all issues should be left to the moderator's discretion;

- are past policies available? Is Deot a forum for initiating discussion by the Vaad?

- are people afraid of articulating views on paper? Do only the "eloquent" members write?

- the moderators need to distinguish between style and substance, to protect what is legitimate to say;

- should there be a third moderator (Noomi Stahl's name was suggested);

- since we are not publishing a magazine it would not be right to edit;

- the moderators want to start with positive material;

- Randi will prepare a notice for Yediot/Deot advising members of the changeover and a temporary hiatus until July 1st. Any material to hand now will then be dealt with.

Childrens' Activities

Donna reported that children in the 7 – 13 age group want to paint the downstairs room and add some furniture to make it more moadon-like. All were in favour of the painting on condition that it be done aesthetically, after consultation with Debbie Kalker. There is very little room for furniture because of the need for flexible use, although a few easy-to-move pieces would be ok.

Tikun Olam Practices

Daniel Rohrlich and Debbie Greiniman are interested in working on Tikun Olam programmes at Yedidya, programmes that impinge on people. Agreed that they will bring suggestions to the Vaad, with a view to initiating a series of community discussion meetings.


Issues raised:

- who will open and close?

- Why no children's activity? Randi will check with the children's coordinators/madrichim.

- Learning until 02:00 is this year's programme, not necessarily to be seen as a new policy for the future. The option of continuing with independent study until the hashkama minyan at the Tayelet, will be offered to members.

- Neil to consult with Kleins about decorating the Shul.

Shmita Year

Questions will be passed on to the Halacha committee.

Building Project Manager

We have received a bill for 25,000 NIS + VAT + interest and linkage, from an engineer who claims he worked for us in the year 2000. The material has been passed on to our legal advisor.


Kobi is prepared to organise another weekly evening of Shiurim.

Date of next meeting


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