Minutes of Vaad Menahel Meeting - November 27, 2006

Present: Penina Arbit, Randi Garber (co-chairs), Kobi Abelman, Warren Burstein, Dov Cooper, Esther Edell, Dana Goldberg, Neil Pearlman, Bobbie Silberklang, Debbie Weissman, Philip Yakar (administrator).

Apologies: Jody Blum

Thanks were expressed to Warren, Haim and Gadi for the new format of Yediot.


Budget 2007

The draft budget, prepared by the Finance Committee, was approved (document attached). Points raised in the discussion were:

Because of the new garden water consumption will have to be monitored;

there is a problem with our electricity supply and the cost to fix it is, as yet, unknown;

Esther feels we have a need for fund-raising for current needs, over and above capital development. However, there is nobody to take this on at present;

not all new members (3 5 years) have contributed to the capital fund. Debbie Weissman agreed to contact people, but it was agreed we should await decisions on chairs and development of the basement.

Audited Report 2005

Decided not to go ahead with an English version this year. However, when we put our audit out for bids we should include the need for a translation.

The Vaad expressed unhappiness about the item "expenses from previous years", and asked for detailed clarification of the outstanding sums and missing documents.

New Appointments

New potential members for the Vaad will be approached before the AGM next week. All current members present at the meeting agreed to continue next year. Likewise potential chairpersons and treasurer will be approached. The Gabbaim will nominate their representative to the Vaad.

Suggested that, for the sake of continuity, there be overlap between chairpersons, or, alternatively, a vice-chairperson be appointed, so that both chairpersons would not resign at the same time.

Penina will approach members to take on Deot.

How Yedidya is Run

Randi raised the following issues:

Is Yedidya running as it has done for the last 26 years?

Are there ways to improve organizational issues?

Do all committees function as they should?

Does the Vaad get adequate feedback from committees?

What are the authorities of the committees?

Do we need an outside person or body to help us think through these issues systematically?

Dov volunteered to sit on a strategic planning committee, and he was invited to select other members.

Debbie suggested we have a three-hour open meeting with interested members and representatives of all committees and branches. This body would decide on the process needed to further discussion on our internal structure.

Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.)

In addition to the business part of the meeting Marc Render will be asked to present, and comment on, the proposed plan for Derech Bet Lechem. Marc will decide if he wants to do this before or after the statutory business.


Penina and Esther agreed to organize a Melave Malkah, second night of Chanukah.


Dana is working on this and will check the Shul calendar before finalizing.

Shabbat Hekerut

Thanks were expressed to Linda Gradstein and Regina Fass for organizing a successful event.

Neemanei Torah v'Avodah (NTV)

Randi reported on the events jointly organized with us.

For the poetry evening 30 people participated; at the Rabin Memorial 80-100 and at the Agunot discussion some 150. At the latter, two other organizations were involved.

For coordination agreed there be two contact persons; Philip for technical matters (time, date, equipment etc.) and a content person. Debbie volunteered to take the latter role.

Agreed she could make decisions up to 500 NIS and the Vaad be consulted on expenditure between 500-1000 NIS.

At least 4 joint events should be organized each year.

Esther will help with publicity on a local (Baka) list.

Yedidya should have a banner for events; Philip to investigate cost.

Calendar Issues

Kobi, who coordinates the Shabbat and Chagim calendar, asks that all updates be cleared with him, to avoid potential clashes.

Special Vaad Meetings

Neil proposed that there be special meetings for major topics (e.g. early Shabbat minyan), with interested members, perhaps on Friday mornings. Such gatherings would make recommendations to the Vaad.

Request for Gan event in Shul

Agreed there be no exceptions re payment for use of the Shul by outside bodies.

Darfur citizens in prison

Warren advised that he would be circulating information about assistance required; visits, electrical appliances, clothes etc. This will go out on Deot.

Date of next meeting

No date was set for the next meeting, pending the elections.

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