Minutes of Vaad Menahel Meeting - October 22, 2006

Present: Penina Arbit, Randi Garber (co-chairs), Kobi Abelman, Jody Blum, Warren Burstein, Esther Edell, Dana Goldberg, Yonni Hammer-Kossoy, Bobbie Silberklang, Debbie Weissman, Philip Yakar (administrator).

Apologies: Dov Cooper, Neil Pearlman.

For item 2 Andy Katz, Daniel Kahn and Dina Weiner joined the discussion.

Membership & Finance

To date 151 membership units (families and singles) have registered. Answers are awaited about renewal from another 15 former members. In addition we have 10 overseas members, resulting in an income just over 170,000 NIS, 4,000 over the budget.

Expenditure of 850 NIS + VAT was approved for purchase of intercom system.

There are still questions to be resolved for the preparation of the 2005 audited books. Philip was asked to clarify the issues, which are between the book-keeper and the accountant.

Review of Yamim Noraim

Members of the Vaad were asked to give their opinions and comments. The points raised were:

Rosh Hashanah

The overall level of Shlichei Tzibbur was excellent, though there were problems with some of the new Shlichei Tzibbur. Liel Almog has agreed to work with them on voice production

The silent moments on Shabbat, instead of the Tekiot, were most effective.

The early minyan, with some 40 men, was good, but detracts from the main minyan. For Shacharit there were almost no women, a problematic situation, detracting from the spiritual atmosphere.

There was a problem with the number of chairs and their comfort level, especially the old, folding ones that were used downstairs. There were also too many rows of seats at the back of the sanctuary. upstairs.

The air-conditioning was problematic; sometimes it was too cold, others it was too warm.  There is a need for a better thermostat and/or to change its location.

Yom Kippur

Only one sefer was available for Kol Nidrei downstairs.

Should we try one minyan for Kol Nidrei?  There were 60/70 people downstairs and there was a problem with the door. Downstairs needs to be more "davening friendly".

Kol Nidrei needs to start on time. In order to ensure that people have time to come upstairs and find their seats, the schedule should list the time 10 minutes earlier than it has to start.

It was requested to start Shacharit earlier than this year (8:15). There were pros and cons whether it should be 7:30 or 8:00.

There is no need to start the Women's Minchah before the Men's.

Childcare arrangements were problematic and we should consider employing somebody to take care of the children.

The stacking of the chairs for Neilah was problematic and the announcement caused confusion and some bad feeling.

Thanks to Lori Heller for the fine ushering job she did at Neilah.


There were conflicting viewpoints as to whether the Kohelet reading (30 minutes) was too rushed, and the need to find a creative way to work with Kohelet.

Suggested Uri Simon be invited to teach Kohelet, before Sukkot.

Chairs need to be set up to facilitate Hoshanot.

On Chol Hamoed fewer people attended compared to last year (could be due to the week's worth of "chol")..

Shemini Atzeret / Simchat Torah

The consensus was that Erev Simchat Torah went very well, while opinions were divided about the new daytime schedule. Some felt 7:30 was too early to start, while simultaneous readings and hakafot were not successful. Not everything (including Kol Hanaarim) was correctly scheduled, although it was pointed out that it is impossible to schedule everything and that some spontaneity is vital. A final recommendation will be made after receiving comments from the community (through Deot).

The Kiddush should be outside, if possible in the park.

General Comments

Not everybody was happy with the seat numbering system.

A lot of trash was left on Simchat Torah.

Thanks were expressed to Daniel and Shlomo for their work both before and after the chagim.

There was a problem with the row of seats by the women's entrance; a lot of traffic and noise.

Can tieable cushions be put on the plastic chairs?

Could we get non-Jewish baby-sitters / child-care?

There is a need to involve more Shlichei Tzibbur but still maintain the quality.

Parents must be asked not to bring baby-carriages into Shul.

Children must be kept off the exterior (front) wall.

Warm thanks were expressed to the Shomrim.

Bar-Bat-mitzvah Programme

Niki Lachs suggests we have an outreach programme for kids in the neighbourhood.

Rabin Memorial Evening

Neemanei Torah v'Avodah have fixed start-time for 18:00, which is problematic. Agreed Yedidya should participate in the publicity with a budget of 1000 NIS. After the event we will evaluate the event and publicity.


Daniel is leaving. Decided that, in the light of his good work he should receive pitzuim.

Vaad Membership

Orit has tendered her resignation from the Vaad and as editor of Deot. She will be asked to clarify the general comments in her letter and to reconsider her decision. A thank you letter will be sent to her for her work on Deot.

Deot will be continued, but we will ensure that no ad hominem comments appear.

Next Meetings

Vaad   27.11.06

A.G.M.   04.12.06

Potential new Yoshvei Rosh and Vaad members will be approached.

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