Minutes of Vaad Menahel Meeting - July 10, 2006

Present: Penina Arbit, Randi Garber (chairpersons), Kobi Abelman, Jody Blum, Warren Burstein, Dov Cooper, Donna Goldberg, Neil Pearlman, Bobbie Silberklang, Debbie Weissman, Philip Yakar (Administrator)

Apologies: Esther Edell, Orit Elgavi

Report from Finance Committee

An updated budget report (31.05.06) had been received and approved by the Finance Committee, and circulated to members of the Vaad Menahel (Report attached).

The Finance Committee is investigating whether there is a need for holding accounts in two banks. A number of questions have been raised with U-bank and replies are awaited. If our needs can be met by U-bank then we will close the Hapoalim account.

We have just renewed our insurance policy, through our existing agent, at a reduced price (9,500 NIS instead of 10,300). The Vaad accepted the recommendation of the Finance Committee not to buy cover for natural disasters and earthquakes, because of the amount of the deductible.

Philip did an inventory of chairs, in preparation for the Yamim Noraim. It appears that some have been borrowed and not returned. In addition some of the old brown chairs have started to break. Decided:

- to purchase 50 chairs

- to advertise in Yediot for return of borrowed chairs

- to check the state of all the brown chairs for safety

Resource Development Committee

The Vaad approved the following recommendations of the R.D.Committee, as follows:

The appointment of an architect to prepare a draft plan for the basement, at a cost of $2-3,000; money from the Building Fund.

Use of  'forgiven' loan(s) for chairs and the basement.

The launching, at the appropriate time, of a fund-raising campaign for the basement and chairs, mainly through members.

Members to be advised of the community's fund-raising priorities for small donations (need to review/revise existing list).

Minhag & Halachah Committee

The following recommendations of the Minhag & Halachah Committee were approved:

Mi Sheberach for soldiers – "Mi Sheberach avoteinu vimoteinu" and "yishmor v'yatzil et chayaleinu v'et chayaloteinu" (additions underlined).

Geniza – Parsha sheets and Xeroxed study material should be recycled.

At the request of celebrating families, some of the four t'filot read by women may be read by men, but not all four of them.

There should be no more than 4 readers of Kohelet, and a balance between men and women.

On Yom Kippur the dvar Torah should be given before Yizkor.

During Yizkor a general prayer should be read for all deceased members, but without mentioning specific names.

Moshe Kranc has resigned from the committee and new members are being sought.

The Vaad expressed their deep thanks to all members of the M & H Committee.

Youth Activities

Rafi Rotman tendered a letter of resignation from the coordinating role of youth activities. He offered to help seek a replacement, an offer gratefully accepted. The Vaad expressed their deepest gratitude to Rafi for his work over many years. A letter of thanks will be sent to him.

Previous Events

The blood-drive attracted 24 donors. It was felt the time of years and hours were not appropriate. Tu b'Shvat is preferred with later hours – 18:00 – 22:00. Better aesthetic publicity is needed; also a reminder about numbers for insurance for all members, and a "chupar", e.g. ice cream.

Future Events

Nomi Stahl is looking into organizing a Shabbaton in Sderot.

A Shabbat Iyun will take place at Yedidya on Shabbat Hazon, organized by Neemanei Torah V'Avodah. Programme for Shabbat:

Shiur after Kiddush – Micha Goodman

Two shiurim at 17:00 – before Mincha.

Regular Shabbaton after the Chagim – Donna Goldberg agreed to try and organise a Shabbaton..

Tisha b'Av – Yehuda Mirsky will speak. Debbie  will organize readers.

Yamim Noraim – the Gabbaim have started organizing baalei t'filah. Simon, Daniel, Debbie G. & Eti must coordinate approaches to speakers.

The next Vaad meeting, a month before Rosh Hashanah, will be devoted to arrangements for the Yamim Noraim.


A group of students from H.U. have asked to meet at Yedidya on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 19:00 – 22:00 for learning purposes.

- If members of Yedidya (from the relevant age group) are  invited to participate, it will be considered a community event and no charge will be required. Otherwise, a charge of 50 NIS be levied for each evening. Cleaning will be the group's responsibility.

- A Kehillat Yedidya Torah Fund be set up to pay for such events (add to priority list)

Thank You

A Roman Catholic group here three weeks ago expressed their deepest gratitude to us for hosting them, saying it was the highlight of their visit to Israel.

Review of concept of greeter

To be raised at a later meeting.

Prayer for Missing Soldiers

Donna Goldberg suggested adding a new prayer, but it was pointed out that we could simply add one relevant word to our existing prayer for captured soldiers.

Next meeting

Monday 28th August 2006

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