Minutes of Vaad Menahel Meeting - June 4, 2006

Present: Penina Arbit, Randi Garber (Chairpersons), Kobi Abelman, Jody Blum, Warren Burstein, Orit Elgavi, Donna Goldberg, Bobbie Silberklang, Debbie Weissman, Philip Yakar

Apologies: Dov Cooper, Esther Edell, Yonni Hammer, Neil Pearlman


More books have been acquired and others ordered. The question of how to maximize use of the library was raised. Among other suggestions, that we offer time to local schools, we advertise to members when the building is open, we seek volunteers to staff the library at certain hours. Philip will advise Pinchas Leiser and Avital Ordan about our discussion.

Intercongregational Committee

The memorial evening for Barbara Wachs " will take place on Rosh Chodesh Av, 25.07.06. The speaker will be .Mayanot are due to host the event but have no building to house it. That, and all the other issues, will be raised at the meeting which Mayanot is due to convene in the near future.

Review of Recent Events

Erev Tzionut

The attendance was reasonable, but the majority were not Yedidya members.

Yom Haatzmaut

The attendance was down; there were other competing events and s'machot in the area.

In general, in order to give a "fuller" feeling upstairs (also on Shabatot when there are no smachot), the front row of chairs and some rows at the back should be removed and allow more space between the rows.


The t'filot were good as was the d'var Torah.

The Tikun started a little early (23:00). At the first shiur 30 35 people participated. The shiurim ended too early (03:00) when t'filah was at 05:00, so shiurim should last one and a quarter hours.

There were 10 children at their Shiur.

There are those that would like to have speakers who will attract people (and usually need to be booked way in advance); and those who prefer to use more "in-house" talent. The last two years leaned toward the second approach and next year we will lean toward the first approach. Debbie W. will help identify potential speakers.

In addition it was suggested that we organise a Shabbat Iyun before Shavuot and have a Shiur before Mincha.

50 60 people attended Kimelman's shiur on Shabbat (Isru Chag).

Membership form

There is a need for more information, e.g. childrens' names, bar/bat mitzvah dates, areas for volunteering, professions, yahrzeit dates, etc. Randi will prepare materials for Warren to add to the form.

Payment options were discussed, e.g. credit card, horaot kevah, but they cannot be in place this year since forms should go out by mid-June.


An estimated report for 31.05.06 was presented, based on the book-keeper's report for 30.04.06 plus income and expenditure known to us. At present there is 160,000 NIS in the two bank accounts, and estimated expenditure of 60,000 NIS for the upcoming two months, until next years dues start to come in. Following review and recommendations of finance committee, some funds can be allocated towards equipment (e.g. mehitzot to close off back area), chairs, capital expenses (downstairs) etc.

Following governmental agreements all workers will receive a 2.1 % cost-of-living increase from 01.06.06.

Approved purchase of vacuum-cleaner at a cost of no more than 1,200 NIS and an office cupboard, 1000 NIS.

Will look into acquiring Bob Caroll's A/C for children's room downstairs.

Agreed that a new Yedidion be prepared which will be covered by selling advertising space. Debbie will speak with Noomi Stahl.

Summer Holidays

Warren will be issuing a new greeters and hospitality list.

Kobi will help Angela Brice with group hospitality.

Bobbie will organise back-up for Shivahs.

Future Events

Tisha B'Av

Suggested that Yehuda Mirsky be invited to speak. Debbie Weissman will ask him.

Jewish - Palestinian Dialogue Group

Beatrice Brom has asked for use of the building for Thursday (all day) July 6th, and Friday a.m. July 7th. We will ask for 200 NIS to cover costs (electricity etc.). Randi will advise Beatrice.

Early Minyan

A steady group of 13-20 participate. It was agreed to carry on with the present format once every two weeks.

Date of next meeting

10.07.06 (Monday) at 20:00.

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