Minutes of Vaad Menahel Meeting - March 27, 2006

Present: Penina Arbit, Randi Garber (chairpersons), Kobi Abelman, Jody Blum, Warren Burstein, Dov Cooper, Esther Edell, Orit Elgavi, Neil Pearlman, Bobbie Silberklang, Debbie Weissman.

Alarm System

Neil Pearlman was thanked for being on the moked rota. He will be replaced by Eudice Harris. There appear to be problems mainly on Shabbat and the alarm company will be asked to give an analysis of times and days when those on the rota were called so we can perhaps resolve the issue.

Suggested we keep a book of people entering and leaving, who turn the alarm on or off, although it was pointed out this would not cover Shabbat.


The downstairs, ramp and pergola have been painted and treated.

The floors have been polished.

The large and inaccessible windows will be cleaned next week.

Expenditure of 1,100 NIS was approved for a new dumpster.


Times and programme details were approved and a flyer will be circulated.

Tamar Biale will speak on Shabbat Hagadol. Debbie will advise on the subject.

For lunch/kiddush on Shabbat Hagadol paper goods and some pitot will be required.

A family has requested to hold a Seudah Shlishit for 80 people on Shabbat Hagadol. In light of the big cleaning problem (after the "Kiddush murchav") it was proposed that the family be advised  that we are unable to provide the space in a proper condition. If they are interested in spite of this Philip will advise Penina and Randi.


Some lessons were learned from the t'filot and readings.

A Gabbai (or nominated substitute) should always be present to give guidance (this is true for fast-day and chol hamoed services, and Vaad meetings). There is a need for a longer-time between readings; people attending both readings should be reminded not to park on Lifshitz Street in order to avoid traffic and parking problems.

Upcoming Events

Yom Hashoah

As yet nobody has offered to take part in the personal stories programme. This will be announced in shul.  On the night Dina Winer will present a slide show with Reut pupils, relating the cemetery work in Poland.

Yom Haatzmaut

Bambi Sheleg has agreed to speak.

Directions in Religious Zionism

Gili Sivan and Avi Gissar have agreed to speak at an open evening session on Monday 8th May. Serious publicity will be required and entrance fee charged (10 NIS).

Important that a good title will be chosen.

Pinchas Leiser or Tovah Avichai-Kremer will be asked to moderate.

Suggested we look for a co-sponsor, such as Neemanei Torah v'Avodah. Debbie Weissman will speak to Moshe Turpaz.


The following names were suggested as teachers for leil limmud or a Shabbat iyun on Shabbat following Shavuot:

Jonathan Chipman, Reuven Kimmelman (Kobi will contact), Yehuda Mirsky was suggested for a Shabbat iyun immediately following Shavuot.


Set-up will be on Sunday April 2nd from 16:00, and the fair on Monday April 3rd at 16:00. Volunteers are needed for both days.

Tzad Kadimah Hike

This will take place after Pesach. The organizers may ask to borrow a Sefer Torah from Yedidya.

Decided: we will agree if Tzad Kadimah will provide all-risks insurance cover and a letter taking full responsibility. Agreed also that we will give them alternative possibilities for obtaining a sefer.

Vaadat Bikoret

An extraordinary general meeting of the Amuta elected David Wayman and Martin Binnes to the Vaadat Bikoret.

Use of Hebrew

Kobi feels that there is insufficient stress on the use of Hebrew at Yedidya, particularly where the younger generation is concerned.


Deot Yedidya should be available in Hebrew as attachments. People should be able to send material in Hebrew.

The web-site should have a full Hebrew version. Randi will look for a volunteer to work with Warren on this.

Thank you letters from the chairpersons should be in Hebrew.

Only Hebrew should be used with youth and kids, translation will be provided if needed.

Pointed out that in the last few years  olim from English-speaking countries have joined, who have less ideological commitment to Hebrew.

De'ot Yedidya

The last round of letters on De'ot was discussed. The va'ad felt the need to note their thanks and support for the years of work Orit has put into moderating De'ot. Having said this it was noted, that Orit's reply to Daniel's message, might have been better not sent (or at least not sent in the same mailing). Orit expressed regret that the message was taken in the wrong way and has personally and publicly apologized to Daniel. A discussion ensued in which the following ground rules were raised:

To ensure that people holding various viewpoints on issues feel comfortable expressing those viewpoints

To ensure that the various platforms available to members (Deot, divrei halacha, divrei torah) are used for respectful discussion.

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