Minutes of Vaad Menahel meeting  30.01.06


Present: Randi Garber, Penina Arbit (from 21:00) (chairpersons), Kobi Abelman, Jody Blum, Warren Burstein, Dov Cooper, Orit Elgavi, Donna Goldberg (until 21:00), Yonni Hammer-Kossoy, Neil Pearlman, Bobbie Silberklang, Debbie Weissman, Philip Yakar (Administrator)


  1. Report of Minhag & Halachah Committee

Debbie Weissman reported on the discussions about Sukkot (the reading of Kohelet) and Simchat Torah.

The options for the reading of Kohelet are:

-        read the whole book in one go, as we do now,

-        read six chapters in the evening, between minchah and Maariv, and six in the morning,

-        read two chapters each year, with an appropriate d'var Torah.

The problems with Simchat Torah were not with the length (there is the early minyan to solve that problem), but with the mood swings. Suggested that Yizkor be said after Hallel. In addition the children's reading was problematic because some girls (as boys) were saying Barchu, which might lend some to assume this is the Minhag of the community, (which it is not at this stage).

Should no kids say barchu, or would this simply take something acceptable away from the boys?

To discuss this the Minhag & Halacha Committee will meet with Donna and Yitzchak.

Following Debbie's report the following comments were made by Vaad members:


-        Kohellet could be read before minchah on Shabbat or split evening and morning,

-        There should be a dvar Torah in place of the Shacharit reading and the reading should be before minchah.

-        Even if the reading is long it is only once a year, should be read in its entirety. A split would mean that only a minority would hear the whole reading.

Decided that others would be asked for their opinion and the Vaad will wait for feedback before making a final decision.

Simchat Torah

-        Are there precedents for an early Yizkor?

-        Will people come in time for an early Yizkor?

-        Yizkor is the prayer that brings everyone back into Shul.

-        There is a scheduling issue between the two minyanim. Suggested the early minyan be upstairs, the second (main) start downstairs, and they join together for hakafot.


  1. Annual General meeting

Date 13.02.06, motzaei Tu B'Shavat.

The evening will start with a Tu B'Shvat programme, followed by formal AGM matters, and a discussion on Hessed programmes and the Statement of Principles.

Suggested that an entertainment programme would attract members, including wine. Barbara Gingold will be asked if Neot Kedumim can provide a brief slide-show.

The accountant will be asked to present the audited accounts for 2004.


  1. Purim

There will be Bat-Mitzvah megillah reading. Warren will look into a computer programme for organizing Mishloach manot.

For Seudah organization:

Bobbie volunteered; Renee, Bruce and Melchiors (Yaacov/Gita) will be asked to help. Debbie will contact the Melchiors.


  1. Pesach

Kobi will ask Natan Laufer if he will give the Shabbat Hagadol drasha.

Others to be considered: Yehuda Mirsky, Tamar Biale.

The question of a women's reading upstairs on the seventh day was raised, but it was pointed out that a decision had been made not to permit this again.


  1. Statement of Principles

Debbie presented the draft she had prepared and circulated.

Agreed there was a need for an ideological statement, which expresses the broad view and philosophy of Yedidya, and which allows members of very different views to stay together as a community. Yedidya is a home for healthy discussion. While younger members may be less concerned about ideology there is a need for a self-definition.

An abridged version is needed for fund-raising purposes.

Decided the document will be distributed before the A.G.M. so that it can be discussed there.


  1. Finance and maintenance

Randi, Penina, Jody, Eudice and Philip had met to prepare a comprehensive schedule of work. When the final financial report for 2005 will be ready we will have a clearer picture of what can be done.


  1. Miscellaneous

a)     Neil pointed out that the discussion on the use of Hebrew had not taken place.It will be on the agenda of the next meeting.

b)     Neil raised the issue of low attendance on Friday nights, and suggested t'filah be downstairs. This was not accepted.


  1. Date of next meetings