Minutes of Vaad Menahel meeting - September 27, 2005

Present: Penina Arbit (Chairperson), Kobi Abelman, Dov Cooper, Jody Blum, Debbie Weissman, Yonni Hammer-Kossoy, Orit Elgavi, Warren Burstein, Zvi Ariel, Philip Yakar (Administrator).

Apologies: Randi Garber, Neil Pearlman, Esther Edell, Donna Goldberg Katkoff, Bobby Silberklang.

1. Chagei Tishrei

a. A list of all baalei tafkidim will be prepared.

b. Not clear if evening speakers for Rosh Hashanah are fixed.

c. Sifrei Torah

For Yom Kippur 1 is needed. Neil to ask Daniel Rorlich.

For Simchat Torah 6 are needed.

From Young Judea Kobi

From Akiva (2) Penina

From Keshet Rafi

From USY Kobi

From Rabbi Warschawski Neil

d. Succot

Volunteers (kids) needed for decorating. Rafi will be asked to take charge of the kids. A note will go out in Yediot. More wood will be acquired for the third wall. Goody bags will be prepared for Simchat Torah.

e. Tiyul.

David Amit has offered to organise a tiyul on Chol Hamoed. Penina will talk to him.

2. Air conditioner

The new one has been installed in the womens' reading room. Thanks to Eudice for her efforts.

3. Safe

A wall safe to hold checks etc., will be purchased.

4. Seudah Shlishit

The participants will be asked to return all food to the kitchen before Arvit.

5. Mixed Torah Readings

Debbie Weissman gave a summary of the discussion process and recommendations from the Halachah and Minhag Committee. 123 reactions were received.

There was no majority for change. Therefore they recommend that no change be made.

The Vaad Menahel ratified this recommendation.

The womens' readings will continue to take place downstairs, but there is a need to enlarge and improve the space available. The Resource Devt. Committee will be asked to find appropriate solutions.

Rachel Berkovitz has been invited to the Shul on Parshat Haazinu to respond to questions and issues pertaining to the practicalities of Womens' readings. The Halachah & Minhag committee will consider the issues raised at that session.

6. Miscellaneous

a. Yedidion The Vaad expressed their deepest thanks to Noomi Stahl for all her work.

b. Book-keeper. The previous book-keeper has still not given the 2004 materials to the accountant. We should ask our legal adviser to send him a letter.

c. Office cupboards. The Finance Committee will be asked to consider expenditure and make recommendations.

d. Non-members' t'filot. If we receive requests then it has to be made clear what our standards are (e.g. no egalitarian minyan).

e. Publicity. Orit will pick up where she left off before Hodaya appeared.

7. Date of next meeting


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