Minutes of Vaad Menahel meeting - August 24, 2005

Present: Randi Garber, Penina Arbit (co-chairs), Bobbie Silberklang, Esther Edell, Debbie Weissman, Dov Cooper, Neil Pearlman, Kobi Abelman, Warren Burstein, Philip Yakar (administrator), Debbie Greiniman (for education committee).


120 renewals / new received; some 30 still due. The updated list will be available within a few days and the seating plan for the Yamim Noraim will be posted soon after Rosh Chodesh Elul. Before then a chair count has to be done.

Finance / Resource Development

2004 Balance and Current Account Status

According to the trial balance we finished 2004 with a surplus of approximately 34,000 in the general account.

As of today there is 50,000 NIS in the current account, with a further 71,000 NIS "closed".

Air conditioner for Women's Reading Room

A maximum of 10,000 NIS was approved for its acquisition.

Zamir Chorale

The charge for use of the building will be 100 NIS per session (the Amuta rate), an increase of 33%. If this is a problem for the Chorale a compromise fee of 87.50 per session will be offered.

Donation Cards

Esther Edell prepared a number of donation card samples and a set of guidelines which were approved. The minimum donation will be 25 NIS. A set of cards for condolences will be passed on to the Tzedakah Committee for their use. The Tzedakah Committee will be advised. Information will be circulated through Yediot.


Most of the books purchased with Art Green's donation will be delivered by the end of the week. Yehuda Miklaf will cover and label them. A set of instructions will be prepared for library use, as set out by Pinchas Leiser.

Yamim Noraim


As of today we require 360 seats.

Divrei Torah

Slichot: Debbie Weissman suggested Sophie Pfeffer as a speaker. However, a further idea was considered, that, in addition (and prior) to the Shiur new nigunim be learned for the Yamim Noraim, and that Yehoshua Engleman be asked to do both (music and Shiur). Debbie Greiniman will ask him and advise Debbie Weissman of his response.

Morning drashot are being taken care of by Simon Caplan.

Kol Nidrei: Pinchas Leiser will invite Benny Lau to speak.

For the four evenings (Rosh Hashana, Sukkot) one person will be asked to give a series of drashot.

Review of Past Events


Debbie Greiniman summarized her conclusions as follows:

- A change of concept for the Shiurim meant there were no "big names", but there was a continuity of theme.

- The Shiurim continued throughout the night.

- The pot-luck dinner (60 people) was a success but there was no need for a gap between dinner and the Shiurim.

- Chairs for the Shiurim and the dinner could have been set up before the "event".

- There was a problem of publicity and scheduling. The program should be ready at least a month before Shavuot.

It was agreed that advanced planning is crucial and might even begin after Purim. Some felt a "big name" is needed to attract people.

Tfillat Shlom Bayit

A number of responses had been sent to Deot. Danny Rorlich was asked to alter his letter which some considered inflammatory. Neil asked how we will deal with the "stirring-up" process which had occurred. The Tfillah will no longer be read as the disengagement has ended.

Childrens' Activities

An "ad" will be placed in Yediot for madrichim. Also a resource kit will be prepared (stories etc.).

New people from the community will be invited to give their input for new ideas.


Shabbat Hospitality

Hosts have complained that they do not get enough advance notice. This will be corrected.

Meals for Shivahs & Births

Bobbie feels that all members are potentially part of this program. Deborah and Hanna handle the births OK. Esther suggested the 22 volunteers were enough. Bobbie asked that she be advised of all needs by telephone, number home 6782565 or 054-8019308.

New ideas


An outside organization has asked to organise a Bet Midrash on Mondays from 7:45 to 15:30, including an egalitarian tfillah, at Yedidya. The Vaad rejected the request.

Yedidya Tfillah book

The idea is very appropriate for the 25th Anniversary. If any copyright issues arise and can be overcome the book could be sold. Because of the late hour the subject could not be covered in sufficient depth.

Mixed Torah reading in the main sanctuary

The Minhag-Halachah committee will deliberate and reach a decision.


Prices for ads and one-line greetings were fixed as follows:

- full page 2,200 NIS

- half page 1,200

- quarter page 650

- eighth page 350

- sixteenth page 200

- one line 75


Chug Rikudei-Am

Will start on Monday 18th September.

10th Yahrzeit for Yitzchak Rabin

Suggested that either Shlomo Fisher or Yehuda ben Dor (both from Yesodot) be invited to speak (Yesodot deals with the issue of democracy and Yahadut in mamlachti-dati schools).

Date of Next Meeting

Monday 5th September at 20:00.

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