Minutes of Vaad Menahel meeting - August 1, 2005


Present: Penina Arbit, Randi Garber (co-chairs), Bobby Silberklang, Debbie Weissman, Jody Blum, Esther Edell, Kobi Abelman, Yoni Hammer-Kossoy, Warren Burstein, Neil Pearlman, Dov Cooper


  1. Membership 5766

So far 45 renewals have been received.


  1. Tisha B'Av

Readers have been recruited.

Maariv and Echah at 20:30.

Debbie agreed to speak if nobody else is found. Kobi indicated that the issue had been left very late. Ruth Langer was suggested, and Penina agreed to ask her.


  1. Yamim Noraim

Agreed that two Kol Nidre services would probably be needed if numbers will be similar to last year. Suggested that fewer chairs be put upstairs.

The Gabbaim will meet at the beginning of September.

Pinchas Leiser will give Shiurim during S'lichot days. Debbie Weisman will look for somebody to speak at S'lichot.

A group of members will meet to discuss speakers for the Festivals.

Neil will send to the chairpeople the file from previous years.


  1. New Prayer for the disengagement period

Agreed that the text received (תפילה לשלום בית), with minor changes, will be read by the Shliach Tzibbur on Shabbatot (חזון, נחמו, etc.) until the end of the process. The text of the prayer will be distributed, and recited before Musaf, with the Ark closed.


  1. New chairs

Marc Render and Haim Watzman joined the discussion.

There was agreement that new chairs have to be comfortable, practical, aesthetic, durable and stackable.

Two companies brought examples but the Vaad wish to see more.

Marc reported that a loan of almost $100,000 had been turned into a donation for physical improvements on a matching basis of money recruited by the community. This money will start to become available in 2006 (some $15,000) and it was suggested (and approved by the donor) that chairs be acquired. No new general appeal will be launched but any individuals who wish to will be able to make suitable donations. Monies from Keren Ezvonot will be part of the matching sum.

Other ideas for using the new resources were raised: further a/c unit for the women's reading room, closing off the downstairs area, finishing the basement.

Dov indicated that a priced wish-list is needed.

Randi explained that the list exists, as follows:

-         basement $60,000 - $70,000

-         chairs $40,000

-         air-conditioner $10,000

-         barco and sound system

-         outside benches

-         clothes closet

Some of these are considered to be "naming" opportunities for donors.

The Resource Development Committee will be reconvened as soon as possible to consider a six-year plan for use of the donation.

A plan for the basement has to be agreed. The target date for the chair purchase is Rosh Hashanah 5677.

The chairs will be chosen by the Design Committee; members will be encouraged to give their opinion.


  1. 25th Anniversary

Agreed there be a special issue of the Yedidion.

Costs have been attained, as follows, all for a 1000 copies, 12 pages:

Colour     9,300 NIS

B & W     4,400 NIS

Combination  6,500 NIS

Ads and family greetings will be recruited to cover the costs. Four pages will be used for this purpose. Debbie reported on the planned content of the issue. It is estimated that the four "paying" pages will bring in 8,800 NIS. Any shortfall will be covered from the budget. Suitable announcements will be put in Yediot.


  1. Rikudei Am Chug

The Chug will be offered on Monday evenings after the chagim (unless the hall is booked for an event). Participants will be asked to pay 10 NIS each time to cover costs.


  1. Kablan

A report was given on the Kablan's work on the glass wall. He will be asked to test the quality of the waterproofing before winter.


  1. Baalei T'filah

There needs to be guidance for choosing non-members to lead services, so that the essential character of our services is maintained. We have a need for good Baalei T'filah. A notice to that effect will be put in Yediot.


  1. Weapons in Shul

Neil asked that the Vaad be reminded of the agreed rule. This was done.


  1. Non dues-paying members

There are attending members who did not pay their dues for 5765 and who will perhaps renew their membership for the coming year. Agreed, that if they renew, we should send a reminder about 5765 with their receipt.

Next year we will consider adding a note pointing out the debt  to the membership forms when they are sent out.


  1. Community Chessed

There were 22 responses to the request for help with meals etc.

Agreed that the people involved now (both for sad and happy occasions) will meet to put together a working proposal for the future running of an appropriate committee and group of volunteers.

Bobby will convene the working group, which will include, among others, Hannah Levin and Esther Edell.

Some problems of Shabbat hospitality have arisen which need to be taken care of.


  1. Next Meetings

24.08.05    at 20:00

05.09.05  at 20:00

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