Minutes of Vaad Menahel meeting - June 20, 2005


Present: Penina Arbit, Randi Garber (co-chairs), Jody Blum, Bobby Silberklang, Orit Elgavi, Esther Edell, Neil Pearlman, Kobi Abelman, Warren Burstein, Philip Yakar (Administrator)


Apologies: Debbie Weisman, Donna Goldberg-Katcoff, Yonni Hammer-Kossoy, Tzvi Ariel


  1. Budget 2005

The budget (found here) was submitted by the Finance Committee. No surplus (deficit?) was shown for 2004 because the audited report had not been received. The committee requested that this be investigated and an estimated sum be fixed. It is assumed that the surplus would cover the book purchase ($1500) and gardening ($ 1100) which does not appear in the expenses.


  1. Yedidyon

In principle the Vaad approved discontinuing the Yedidyon as it has completed its mission and should be discontinued in its printed version. However, the Vaad agreed that a special 25th Anniversary edition be printed, on the basis of income from advertisements from suppliers and well-wishers; e.g. Insurance agent, caterers, banks etc. These could be transferred to our web-site and e-mails in the future. A request for e-mail details will be sent with the Yedidyon, so that in years to come a paper-free Yedidyon will be sent.

Debbie Weisman and Nomi Stahl will be asked to take care of content, and Esther agreed to be in charge of recruiting ads.

Kobi suggests turning Yedidyon into a community calendar for fund-raising purposes.


  1. Membership Dues – תשס"ו

The Vaad, after a lengthy discussion, approved the following changes for the upcoming year:

    1. There will be an addition of 50 NIS to every category of membership.
    2. New members will receive a 25% reduction for each of their the first two years of membership, instead of 50% for the first year, this based on the תשס"ה dues + 50 NIS.

Neil pointed out that the rise is 4 NIS per month. It was agreed that an explanatory letter be sent with the membership forms. Penina explained that our expenses are basic, and building maintenance and electricity costs have risen in the past year due to rate increases. Orit claimed that our dues are high and put off young Israeli families from joining. There is a need to stay within our spending power, rather than increase our income.


  1. Cash-Flow Campaign Fund

Marc Render advised us that a friend of the community, who had loaned $96,000 to the Building Fund, agreed to turn it into a contribution. Since the return of the loan is covered by the cash-flow this releases $96,000 for capital and project expenditure. The donor has asked we submit new projects for his approval. The money will start to become available by September 2006. One idea, already shared with the donor, is the purchase of chairs for the sanctuary. The donor would agree to an expenditure of $30,000 to be matched by the community. Philip pointed out that some money ($5000 in 2005, hopefully more in 2006) will be received from Keren Ezvonot.

The consensus was that there should be no additional campaign for funds this year. However, Esther claimed that members should be informed and donations be invited, without any pressure on the whole community.

The Vaad would like to discuss the chairs as a separate issue and this will be done at the next meeting. Randi will ask the design committee about options/costs of chairs.It was agreed that Marc be invited to the next Vaad meeting to explain the situation with the donor (including what other possible uses the funds may be used for), and Randi will convene a meeting of the Resource Development Committee in the near future.


  1. Fund-raising
    1. Neil agreed to approach new members (since 2002, who are members for at least two years) to pledge to the Campaign Fund. A response from these members would reduce the amount the General Fund is committed to annually to the Campaign Fund and make it easier to control dues in the future.
    2. The Vaad approved Esther's suggestion that people be invited to make donations to Yedidya in honour of special occasions. This will be added to the weekly Yediot. Esther will prepare appropriate paper work, with logo (dove) sent by Philip.


  1. High Holiday Seats

Tariff for the ימים נוראים this year was fixed as follows:

Non-members  -  250 NIS for each Chag.

Members guests, aged 25+  -  100 NIS for each Chag.


  1. Use of Hall
    1. Tariff change was approved with immediate effect as follows:

One-off events/chugim without meals or refreshments. Up to 50 people:

Members – 50 NIS per hour if there is no charge to participants. If there is such a charge the Non-members' rate will apply.

Non-members – 300 NIS up to or a part of 3 hours. Every additional hour 100 NIS.

    1. A special request had been made for a  הכנסת כלה and a low tariff had been fixed by the chairpersons. A suggestion that the sum be made up in whole or part by the Tzedakah Committee after application by the כלה was rejected, this being a מצוה incumbent on the community.


  1. Date of next meeting

Monday 1st August at 20:00.

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