Minutes of Vaad Menahel meeting - May 15, 2005

Present: Randi Garber, Penina Arbit (co-chairs), Koby Abelman, Debbie Weissman, Yoni Hammer-Kossoy, Warren Burstein, Jody Blum, Yael Silberklang, Esther Edell, Dov Cooper, Philip Yakar (Administrator)

Apologies: Orit Elgavi

Review of past events


Nomi, the caterer, parked her refrigeration truck on the sidewalk, which caused a problem to passers-by. In future she will be asked to use the parking bay at the corner of the Beit Knesset.

Yom Hashoah

Both the evening and Yad Vashem tour sessions were excellent and very well attended. A second tour (already full) to Yad Vashem will take place on June 10th. Again the need for a sound system in the Beit Knesset was raised.

Mailing list for events

Agreed that people (non-members) who wish to be informed of our events be added to the Yediot Yedidya list. Warren should be advised of names and addresses.

Yom Haatzmaut

The event was successful. We need to prepare a CD for the dancing. The song sheets will be stored upstairs, and will include page numbers for the T'filot (in Rinat Yisrael) as they appear in the Kibbutz Dati Machzor, since there are not enough Machzorim.

Upcoming events

Pre-nuptual agreements

Sessions on the above for engaged couples will take place, under the guidance of Debbie Greiniman.

Book launch

On Yom Yerushalayim the Beit Knesset will host an evening to mark the publishing of Haim Watzman's book on his Miluim experiences.

Exhibition opening

On Thursday June 9th Marcel Chitrit's exhibition of nature photographs will be opened in the Beit Knesset.


A final list of teachers for the Tikun is not yet available. The Shiurim will start at 23:30 (adults), and 23:00 for the children.

Finance Committee report

Jody reported that the committee will meet this coming Sunday and will discuss a number of important issues which will be brought before the next Vaad Menahel meeting, including membership dues for 5766.

As of today there is 108,000 NIS in the Bank Hapoalim accounts.

The question of launching a chair purchasing campaign this coming Rosh Hashanah will be discussed.


Barbara Gingold joined the meeting and presented the concept as proposed by her committee. This includes planting climbers at the base of the outside wall, a small pomegranate tree by the main entrance, a flower bed outside the eastern small wall. Low-maintenance, low-water plants, appropriate to our climate will be used. No planting will be carried out in the Succah area. One estimate for the work, including irrigation, has been received, a total of 11,000 NIS. Two others are required. This sum is within the donation received.

The committee approved the overall concept pending preparation of a written plan and budget and a meeting of the full gardening committee to resolve outstanding issues. Concerning the big project around the Beit Knesset, the Municipality and the donor will fix the program, hopefully taking into account our needs as were communicated to them.

Ner Tamid downstairs

Four suggestions were received from the artist, and presented to the Vaad. Comments were received and they will be passed on to the Design Committee.

Childrens' activities

The performance of the final three T'filot on Shabbat by children has been positively received.

Only the end of the Aleinu should be sung.

T'filat Yeladim

Yitzchak Avigad wants to take a break, and the suggestion is that madrichim take over. There may be a need for paid supervision of the madrichim. Randi has prepared a budget. Dov suggested we approach Pardess or Jerusalem Fellows students to take this on. A meeting with parents to discuss the program will be arranged.

Yoni suggested there be a monthly, special program for the madrichim.

Yedidya's 25th anniversary

Debbie Weissman suggested that there be two events:

Internal a big party including hits from past Purimshpiels.

External including people from outside. The stress will be on Yedidya's contribution to Jerusalem, in several fields (womens' participation, klita, etc.).

At the moment Debbie cannot take on the leadership of such a plan, but is willing to help. Neil will actively help with the internal event, and believes the second is important to give the community "an adrenalin injection". He suggested it be an educational event with a major, attractive speaker. The overall ideas will be proposed to the "founding fathers and mothers" and to some new members, for their reactions.

Next meeting

June 14.

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