Minutes of Vaad Menahel meeting

' " (11.04.05)



Present: Penina Arbit, Randi Garber (chairpersons), Warren Burstein, Debbie Weissman, Kobi Abelman, Esther Edell, Yonni Hammer-Kossoy, Neil Pearlman, Donna Goldberg, Tzvi Ariel, Bobby Silberklang, Dov Cooper, Philip Yakar (Administrator).

Apologies: Orit Elgavi.


  1. Pesach

The schedule has been sent out.

Warren will lead the Siyum.

This week there will be a special kiddush on Shabbat (Shabbat Kallah for Richie Cohen's daughter). Chalot will be provided for . After kiddush drashah of Micha Goodman.

Next week (erev Pesach).

First minyan 06:30.

Second " 08:15. Break after Shacharit, for kiddush in the park. We will buy 10 boxes of matzah ashirah.

The building will be thoroughly cleaned by Tuesday when floors will be professionally cleaned and extermination material put down. No entry will be allowed to the building on Tuesday.

On 7th day there will be a Kiddush and lunch. The kitchen will be kashered for Pesach.

Tzvi Ariel will do the bedikat chametz.

Chol Hamoed Shacharit will be at 6:30. Baalei T'fillah and Torah readers will be prepared.

Debbie Weissman will give the drashot on the two Shabbatot and a short one between Mincha and Maariv leil haseder.

On the 7th day morning there will be no drashah.


  1. Past events

i)                Purim.

Was reviewed in e-mail responses.

Purim passed successfully, without problems.

ii)              The Simon and Garfunkle concert was very successful musically, but only 60 tickets were sold. There were many other events around the same time. Next event the selling of tickets must be more aggressive. Also, we must find a way to make the hall feel less empty.

iii)            The memorial evening for Yehudit Hollander was very well attended, but showed the need for an efficient amplification system (microphone and speakers).


  1. Finance

Philip gave a report on the last Finance Committee meeting. Updated figures will be given after the next Finance Committee meeting. The new budget should reflect needs as expressed by the Vaad Menahel, including a need for a maintenance fund, and other items. The FC will consider rental fees. A Use of Building committee member should participate in such a discussion.


  1. Administrator's work hours and vacation time



  1. Future Events

i)                Yom Hashoah
A visit to the new wing of Yad Vashem will be arranged for a Friday, date to be advised. Thanks to David Silberklang for his help and initiative. An evening event will be set up, too, and we are looking for a speaker. Esther Edell has a suggestion.

ii)              Yom Haatzmaut
Stuart Shoffman has tentatively agreed to speak. We are awaiting a final answer from him. The Halachah & Minhag Committee has approved the use of musical instruments during Hallel. Dancing will take place downstairs; appropriate CD's will be purchased. No tiyul will be organized.

iii)            Shavuot

Penina will seek an update from those responsible for recruiting teachers for the Tikun.

iv)             Kabbalah Shiur

This will take place on Tuesdays, starting after Pesach, in the playroom/office.

  1. Reader's Table downstairs and Book-case

Tzvi & Yehuda Miklaf met with the carpenter and designs will be prepared for approval by the Design Committee (Tzvi, Judith Green, Chaim Watzman and Marc Render) and members of the Vaad, Penina, Donna and Esther.

Tzvi raised the question of the place of the table, i.e. on the men's side (as now) or in the middle (as upstairs), which raises the question of the mechitza. Tzvi will ask for an option for side additions, which will require a further donation.

The book-case is being ordered according to the approved budget.


  1. Maintenance

It was agreed that we should seek a new Sharat to be present at evening events and do light repairs and occasional cleaning. Shlomo will be retained for daytime events.


  1. Policy Reviews

i)                Art in Shul

The present art items will be taken down by Yom Haatzmaut.

They will be replaced by works by Marcel Chitrit. The pictures (of Nature) have been seen and found suitable for the Shul. There is a need for new tracks over the back window, within the approved budget.

Penina printed out that some members feel that art items should not be hung at all upstairs. Debbie responded that there will always be people who do not like the exhibits.

Suggested that the exhibition remains until Rosh Hashanah or we propose a shorter time with possibility of an extension.

Yom Yerushalayim will be a good opportunity for an official opening.

ii)              Guns in the Beit Knesset

The Vaad discussed the issue at length. It arose as a result of indiscreet, and some consider, irresponsible, carrying of weapons. In light of this the Vaad approved the following statement:

The Vaad recognizes the need for guns to be carried in our country but requests that, if congregants feel the need to bring them to the Beit Knesset, they be carried discreetly and responsibly, and according to the rules set by the security authorities (I.D.F. & Police).


  1. Date of next meeting

Sunday, May 15th at 20:00.