Minutes of Vaad Menahel meeting - March 7, 2005

Present: Penina Arbit, Randi Garber (chairpeople), Bobby Silberklang, Debbie Weissman, Esther Edell, Jody Blum, Kobi Ableman, Warren Burstein, Neil Pearlman, Dov Cooper, Yonni Hammer-Kossoy, Philip Yakar (Administrator)

Absent: Donna Goldberg

Apologies: Orit Elgavi


Times for all readings and t'filot were fixed. Esther agreed to produce a detailed flier for members. The family reading will be first.

The microphone needs to be checked for use.

Bruce Rosen and Laura Rosenberg have agreed to help set-up for the Seudah. Bobby volunteered, Randi will be there and another volunteer will be sought. (Linda Gradstein, Cliff Churgin, Eric Golombek, Maya Feiner were suggested).

People are needed to help prepare Hamantashen. Warren will post specific details on Yediot Yedidya this week.


Shabbat Metzorah (week before Pesach) a final reply for the d'rasha is awaited from Rabbi Reiner. He needs accommodation for the family. Kobi will inform Penina of the answer and Debbie Greiniman, chairperson of the Events Committee, will be advised.

Dov agreed to give the Shiur on Taanit b'chorot.

The kitchen will not be kashered. Baalei Hasimcha on the last day of Pesach will, if they need the kitchen, be asked to kasher it before the Chag.

All timing matters will be finalized at the next meeting.

Daylight Savings Time

Friday night services will begin 15 minutes after candle-lighting and there will be no drashot.

Building / Maintenance etc. issues

Philip reported on the roof repairs carried out by the kablan. The glass wall will be dealt with after winter's end. At that time we will ask for a blockage under the floor downstairs to be checked.

We have discovered how the vents in the ladies' toilets work, and will try to get them connected to the lights and not the outside fans!

There is an electricity problem with one of the a/c units which needs to be taken care of. Michael Stahl will be asked.

Expenditure up to 800 NIS was approved for purchase of a fax machine.

Expenditure of 700 NIS was approved for purchase of machzorim.

Revised instructions for use of the building by members will be circulated and discussed at the next meeting.

Review of Past Events

Erev limmud on women's issues.

Very good participation, but there were problems with hearing Rav Henkin. The Vaad Halachah will be meeting to discuss next steps. Suggested that another Rabbi who holds similar views to Rav Henkin be invited to speak, or, perhaps, written tachliti questions be submitted.

Choirs concert

Musically the evening was successful, but very few members came. Financially we 'made' some 700 Shekels. There will be an evaluation meeting, but Philip feels that it would not be justified to repeat such an event. This presents a problem since the Zamir Chorale is committed to putting on a concert for our benefit.

Future events


30 families have registered, a full complement. Yonni feels that younger families need a much nearer and cheaper place.

New Members

There is a need to be more welcoming to new members. Warren will distribute a list and efforts will be made to involve them more (Aliyot, invitations to meals etc.)

Simon and Garfunkel concert

Will take place on April 10th, at a cost to us of 3,600 NIS. Tickets will be 50 NIS. Refreshments will be sold, a percentage to the Shul.

Shabbat Shomrim

The Gabbaim will fix a Shabbat for recognition of the volunteer services of the shomrim.


Penina will coordinate with Debbie Greiniman teachers/speakers for Yom Haatzmaut and Shavuot.

Resource Development Committee

Randi reported as follows:

members of the committee Tzvi Ariel, Simon Caplan, Cheri Fox, Marc Render, Laurie Heller.

They are dealing with completion of old business, new money and projects, and big items (building downstairs, the garden, chairs).

There is a need for a comprehensive wish-list.

We know we need a notice-board.

Dov and Aliza are interested in donating Shiva chairs.

Agreed that the shelves on the new bookcase be open, but built in such a way that glass doors (locking) could be added in the future.

The area around the shul will be landscaped by the Irya, with money from a contributor. Our needs will be taken into account although the whole park will be public.

We have received notification of a grant for 24,000 NIS from the Keren Ezvonot. The application for 2006 has been submitted.

A chair appeal will be launched next year (2006).

We will be submitting an application to a Trust in England which would help us to complete the basement.

Shiur in Kabbalah

Agreed it would take place on Tuesday evenings, in the office / playroom between 20:30 21:30.

Administration's Report

Proposals arising from the AGM will be checked to see if action is required.

The new book-keeper, Daniel Bruce, has started and, so far, has done everything we asked.

The Irya has granted us a complete waiver from Arnona. A thank-you letter will be sent to Yaacov Pink for all his legal help and advice.

Philip will be away from March 15th thru' March 30th.

Vaad minutes will continue to be distributed to the general membership after approval by the chairpeople.


The training of madrichim for the children's t'filah is being dealt with. Parents are ignoring the age restrictions and are sending under-age children to the t'filot. Linda will be asked to add the matter to her announcements.

Debby Weissman asked what the evaluation process will be for the kid's involvement at the end of services. Randi replied that we will do an internal evaluation at the next vaad meeting and, if there is a need we will bring it also to the Kehilla at large for discussion, perhaps through Deot.

The visit and hosting of the evangelist Christian group will be organized as requested.

Date of next meeting

11.04.05 at 19:30.

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