Minutes of meeting of Vaad Hamenahel 22.12.04




Present: Randi Garber, Peninah Arbit (chairpersons), Debbie Weissman, Esther Edell, Jody Blum, Bobby Silberklang, Orit Elgavi, Donna Goldberg-Katkoff, Kobi Abelman, Dov Cooper, Warren Burstein, Neil Pearlman, Philip Yakar (Administrator)


Apologies: Yoni Hammer-Kossoy.



  1. Report from Vaad Minhag v'Halacha

a)     On 29.01.05 (Motzaei Shabbat) a study evening will take place on the subject of Women's Torah reading. Rabbi Daniel Sperber will participate. Rabbi Yehuda Henkin has been invited and a woman speaker will be sought. (Perhaps Hannah Safrai) This evening session will be followed by community discussions at Shabbatota Shabbat Iyun. The Minhag committee will consider the spirit of the discussions in making their recommendations on the issue.

b)     The order and nusach of the four t'filot read by women have been recommended for minor changes. The changes were approved and will be publicized to all members. The prayer for Yitzchak Rabin will be read on Tzom Gedalya, Yom Kippur and his Yahrzeit, and not on the three chagim. Nava Zohar Sykes will be asked to help to prepare woman who want to read the 4 t'filot. There is a problem with potential renders. Jody, Orit and Esther volunteered. (At this point Debbie Weissman had to leave the meeting.) Esther requested more time be left for personal names to be said during the Mi Sheberach for the sick.


  1. Shabbaton

Tzfat has been suggested as a place, as has Bet Shean. The question of target-population was raised, and whether we should organise two Shabbatonim but this was felt to be divisive and logistically difficult to organize.. Neil requested volunteers to help organise the Shabbaton. A notice will go out in Yediot.


  1. Financial Report

a)     Overseas membership

Seven have joined. Suggested we ask former members who live abroad.

b)     Mas Hachnasah

A summary of payments will be distributed. The missing report 1994 is still problematic.

c) Arnona

We have still not received an answer from the Iryah, and the bill for

2005 has arrived. Philip has prepared a letter which will be sent if

Yaacov Pink approves it.

d)     Menahel Heshbonot

We will receive 3 estimates. The Finance Committee will make a final decision and recommendation at their meeting on January 5th.

e)     Audited Accounts 2003

A joint meeting of the Vaad Menahel and Finance Committee, with the accountant, will take place on January 5th, 2005.

f) Annual General Meeting of the Amutah

The A.G.M. will take place on January 17th, 2005 at 20:00. In

additional to the statutory business a subject for discussion will be

chosen to attract members.

  1. On-line Calendar

It was suggested that we put out a calendar of all events, including Shabbatot. Warren requested that people let him know their requirements.


  1. Review of recent events

a)     Chanukah

There were successful youth events film evening, room-painting, art activity, soccer tourney. 75 people took part in the pot-luck dinner.

b)     Art Exhibition

There was a very successful opening, some 50 people attending. It was suggested that another open evening be held, with the artists. Concern was expressed about the publicity. Donna offered to help with the newspapers. Orit pointed out that two weeks notice is needed to get to all the relevant places. Orit requested that those people who are on some of the mailing lists of (or attend) of the kehilloat that she sends out announcements to, give her feedback on whether they actually are posted.

  1. Future Events

a)     Choral concert

Decided: Ticket Prices 30 Nis in advance, 40 NIS on the evening. Advertising will start as soon as the date is finalized. The event will be publicized at the A.G.M. and the Study Evening. Donna will ask Billy Weisel, Yisrael Sykes and Meir Fechler if they will take part in the concert.

Light refreshments will be served at no cost.

b)     Simon & Garfunkel Evening

Peninah recommended we invite the Duo who do this for a fun and fund-raising event. Their total expenses are about 3000 NIS, inclusive of all costs. Peninah was given the go-ahead to pursue the idea.

c)     Tu b'Shvat

Families will be invited to a planting event in the environs of the Shul, if such an event is practically possible.


  1. Miscellaneous

a)     Guns in Shul

The shomrim are in favour that soldiers etc. carry weapons. Decided that there would be no change.

b)     Kiddush wine

Important that the wine be of reasonable quality and price (15-18 NIS per bottle). Neil will inform our "buyers".

c)     Tutti Brothers extermination

Should be carried out in the spring. Neil will remind them then. Concern was expressed that bugs had appeared in the wood upstairs.

d)     Hall Rental reductions

Decided that if people request reductions the Chairpersons and Administrator be empowered to fix prices.

e)     Project 2000

Randi reported that, if the relevant bodies in NY and Jerusalem approve the budget, Yedidya will cooperate with the Matnass and the Central Queens Y in a joint young leadership development program.


  1. Date of next meeting

02.02.05 19:30.