Minutes of Vaad Hamenahel meeting - November 22, 2004

Present: Penina Arbit, Randi Garber (chairpersons), Kobi Abelman, Tzvi Ariel, Warren Burstein, Donna Goldberg, Yoni Hammer-Kossoy, Neil Pearlman, Bobby Silberklang, Philip Yakar (Administrator).

Apologies: Jody Blum, Esther Edell, Orit Elgavi, Debbie Weissman.

1. Financial matters

a) Mas Hachnasa

Philip gave a detailed report about our debt for non-payment of mas sachar in 2002, and two months non-payment of regular income tax. It was decided that we should check our 2002 paperwork to make sure that no checks had gone astray. The general feeling was that the menahel cheshbonot was not functioning adequately and that we should get estimates from others. Kobi agreed to make the initial contact with a company known to him.

b) Arnona

We received a demand from the iri'a for 190,000 NIS. We have indicated that as a bet kneset we have a ptor from arnona. The appropriate papers have been submitted to the iri'a and we are awaiting their response. Thanks are due to our member, Yaacov Pink, for his help in preparing our application.

c) Current situation

In light of inaccuracies found in the report for 1 9 / 04, prepared by the menahel cheshbonot, the situation is not as good as previously thought. An update will be provided as soon as possible.

d) Budget request from Education Committee

Agreed to invite a representative of the committee to the next meeting. An art exhibition will open on December 14th, the last night of Chanukah. Expenditure of 3,300 NIS was approved, 3000 for tracks and 300 for refreshments. Tracks will be put up on both floors, not in the "amphitheatre". Artists will be responsible for insurance and will be asked to donate 15% of any sales to Yedidya. The exhibition will run through April and will then be replaced by Photographs of Eretz Yisrael, in time for Yom Haatzmaut.

2. Upcoming events

a) Chanukah

- Children will be painting the walls of the downstairs (basement) room.

- There will be an inter-synagogue football (soccer!) competition.

- The possibility of an adult's party was raised.

b) Choral concert

Donna reported that this will take place in mid-February, and two choirs will participate Zamir and Ramatayim. The programme will be coordinated by the two conductors. A report from our sub-committee (Liel Almog, Renee Atlas Cohen and Donna Goldberg) had been sent out prior to the meeting.

c) Shabbaton

Neil agreed to take this on.

3. Maaseh Committee

The chairpersons reported on a meeting with the director of Beit Shusterman, who is looking to build a partnership with Yedidya. Their need for volunteers was explained. Decided to raise the matter with the Maaseh Committee and report to the next Vaad Menahel.

4. Intercongregational Committee

We are interested in reviving the committee, but a 'front runner' is needed. Pinchas Leiser and Debbie Weissman have expressed interest in the idea and will be asked to take leading roles in the process.

5. Miscellaneous

a) A gift was presented to the Pearlmans for their great contribution to the life of the Kehilla.

b) Neil has yet to follow up with Tutti Bros. about extermination.

c) The grates outside, where an accident almost occurred last Shabbat, will be repaired by the kablan (i.e. a lock put in place) before next Shabbat.

d) Yoni will approach two possible "candidates" for the gabbaut on Friday nights.

e) Angela Brice has agreed to take on the responsibility for group hospitality.

6. Date of next meeting

Wednesday 22.12.2004 at 19:30

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