Minutes of Vaad Hamenahel meeting November 2, 2004



Present: Randi Garber, Penina Arbit (co-chairs), Debbie Weissman, Orit Elgavi, Esther Edell, Tzvi Ariel, Neil Pearlman, Warren Burstein, Yoni Hammer-Kossoy, Philip Yakar (Administrator), Eudice Harris Weiner (for item 1).


Apologies: Jody Blum, Donna Goldberg (for opening items), Kobi Abelman.

Esther Edell was welcomed to her first meeting.


  1. Maintenance
    1. Eudice has acquired locks for the two access doors to upstairs. She expressed concern about the security of the Sifrei Torah.
    2. As far as keys are concerned a table will be prepared by Tzvi and Eudice which will detail who needs access to what, and the appropriate procedures.
    3. The system of purchasing will continue, with Debbie Lustig's assistance.
    4. The question of chain of command "who decides what" was raised. The administrator can organize all repairs which return the building to its original state and which cost less than 500 NIS. All other matters will be referred to Eudice, Tzvi and chairpersons.
    5. Problems with the air-conditioning had occurred on Shabbat. It was reiterated that Tzvi is the address for all related matters. Tzvi will give instructions to Daniel erev-Shabbat each week.

It was suggested a Perspex locking box be placed over the controls.

Fans will be used in the transitional seasons to help circulation.

It was agreed, following Yoni's suggestion, that a meeting be held with the Building Committee to discuss long-term solutions to the a/c problems.

    1. Extermination () is required. Neil will talk to the cleaning company (Tutti) who, he believes, "owe us".
    2. For reasons not clear the lights are on late Friday evenings. All clocks and settings have been checked.
  1. Use of building

The Vaad discussed an overview of costs prepared by Randi and decided on a level of charges for use of the building. Those interested will consult with the administrator.


  1. Administrator's working conditions

A document / job-description and financial report, prepared by the administrator, were circulated. The chairpersons will relay the Vaad's decisions to the Administrator.


  1. Children's participation

Implementation of the proposals approved by the General Meeting:

-        there will be a one-month trial;

-        there will be full coordination with the gabbaim;

-        the children will be thoroughly prepared;

-        the timing will be based on events in the calendar.


  1. Events
    1. At the Yitzchak Rabin memorial event 35 people participated, 7 non-members. There should be more publicity appropriate to such a free event. Gerald Cromer was thanked for an interesting and provocative presentation.
    2. The Shabbat Hekerut was successful. Suggestions included: new members should invite 'vatikim'. There should be hekerut between 'vatikim'.
    3. The Edah event was not prepared adequately, in terms of cleaning the Hall upstairs. Also such organizations should be offered use of the microphone.


  1. Overseas membership

The application form will be sent with the Yedidion. The "offer" should read as follows: "Among other things membership entitles you to member rates for holding s'machot at the Shul, receiving the weekly Yediot Yedidya e-mail update, and the Deot Yedidya discussion forum".

  1. Group hospitality

Penina will ask Angela Brice if she will take this on. Esther offered to help Kobi organize the Stockholm group.


  1. Next meeting

Monday 22nd November at 19:30.

Among Items to be discussed:

-        welcoming process for new members;

-        Kipot drive (may be dealt with sooner);

-        gabbai for Friday night;

-        locking up on Shabbat and alarm system;

-        request for link with Machon Shusterman.

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