Minutes of Vaad Menahel meeting 21.09.04



Present:  Penina Arbit, Randi Garber (co-chair), Deborah Weisman, Warren Burstein, Yoni Hammer-Kossoy, Orit Elgavi, Dov Cooper, Pamela Pearlman, Neil Pearlman, Philip Yakar (Administrator)


Apologies: Kobi Abelman



1.   Sifrei Torah for Simchat Torah 

      Needed:     5 for women

                        3 for men

                        1 for youth.

   Four are available here, five to be obtained as follows

   U.S.Y., Young Judea  -  Kobi to be asked to request.

   Keshet  -  Randi

   B.A. and Women of the Wall  -  Randi to ask Tzvi.

   Daniel Rohrlich  -  Neil.

   Reut School  -  Dina Weiner-Kahn.

   Answers requested by this coming Sunday.


2.   Yom Kippur 

    All preparations done.

   The Women's Kriah will start 15 minutes before the Men's.

   Debbie Lustig will buy drinks.


3.   Succot 

    Simon Caplan's date for his daughter's engagement to be confirmed.

    The Eida evening will take place in one of the halls according to numbers they will     give us. Debbie to check.

    Ben Hollander will give a dvar Torah on Simchat Torah evening.


4.   JJ Greenberg Azkara

    Charge for the evening   1700 NIS  +  $180 overseas membership.


5.   Soup Kitchen 

    The Cromer family are asking for donations of food packages before  Succot.              Members will be asked to bring package Erev Yom Kippur, between 12:30-14:00

    and during office and T'filah times before Succot. Gerald Cromer will be asked

    if this will be ongoing. Penina will contact Gerald.


6.   Security 

    Chains / locks will be fitted to the two doors leading upstairs.

    The alarm code should be changed.

    The Kablan should return all keys.

    Front door locks should be changed.

    A recruiting drive will begin for new shomrim.


7.   Special General Meeting 

     - 11.10.04

     - Will be 'pushed' on all e-mails.

     - Agenda:      1) Approval of new Vaad.

                           2)  Approval of signatories.

                           3)  Appointment of Treasurer.

                           4)  Discussion of findings of KY                                       survey: what do we want for Shabbat?

                           5)  Presentation of Ideas for inclusion of children / youth in T'fillot.