Minutes of open vaad meeting - May 17, 2004

Present: Neil, Pam, Tzvi, Kobi, Warren, Randi, Penina, Dov, Philip, Ruth Wahrman-Schreiber, Tzvi Schreiber, Marc Render, Deborah Greniman, Deborah Lustig, Elyssa Moss Rabinowitz, Nadia Kahan, Eudice Winer

Shabbat tefillot

Despite the many activities taking place in the new building, attendance at tefillot has been down, especially on Erev Shabbat.

The following aspects/suggestions were discussed:

Agreed to put the following into operation:

Kids' Behaviour

The problem was how to remain child friendly and inviting but maintain some limits on inappropriately wild behaviour. It was agreed that we need rules (We have been successful in excluding scooters).

A meeting will be held after kiddush on June 5th, and both parents and children will be encouraged to attend.

The purpose of the meeting will be: to agree on rules, and to suggest positive ways of how children may be further involved in what is going on inside the shul hall during tefilla. Among ideas suggested were:


A report on costs was not ready in time for the meeting; it will be discussed at the next finance committee meeting and vaad minahel meeting and the next open meeting.

Use of Building

Outside events are being held 2 or 3 times a month, mostly to celebrate britot mila and smachot lebanot, as the space is too small for weddings and large bar/bat mitzvahs, although smaller bar/bat mitzvahs work fine. Members were asked how they could help in expanding this income generating activity


The general question of whether it would be unsuitable to hire out the facilities for certain organisations was raised. It was felt that it was not possible to establish a general policy in advance on this, and that in the event of a problem the vaad should determine as they see fit.


A request was made for a Yom Yerushalayim program next year, something like Maariv and a pot luck dinner.

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