Minutes of Vaad Minahel meeting on 29.02.04



Present:  Pamela Pearlman, Neil Pearlman (co-chairpersons), Randi Garber, Tzvi 

               Ariel, Warren Burstein, Dov Cooper, Philip Yakar


Apologies:  Pnina Arbit, Kobi Abelman, Yoni Hammer-Kossoy


  1. Reports
    1. Administration

-        Use of building. The Daf Hanchayot (attached) for members and non-members were presented and approved, subject to an addition re: use of play room. The price tariff (attached) was approved with the following addition: if members use the building for three sessions on Shabbat they will be charged only for the two higher-priced events. Prices and Daf Hanchayot will be passed on to Warren for general distribution.

-        Office equipment. The new computer has been purchased. An ADSL line was approved, providing it causes no problem to the moked connection.

-        Organizations that request rental. The subject   will be discussed at a later meeting.

-        Employment   terms for administrator were agreed. A contract will be drawn up. The Administrator will be on vacation 23-31 March 2004.  During his absence (when the co-chairmen are also abroad on vacation) enquiries will be referred to a volunteer.

    1. Finance

 A receipts programme has been installed on the treasurer's  computer and

 will be added to the office computer. Whether both computer and handwritten receipts are acceptable to the tax authorities will be clarified.

The Capital Assets declaration form for Bank Hadoar has been signed and all funds, previously not released by the bank because of the lack of a signed form, should flow within two weeks.

A current financial report was presented and discussed.

A Finance committee meeting will be set up in the near future.

The book-keeper will be asked to present end-of-year and end-of-month reports.


    1. Fundraising

Financial reports will be presented to the committee in the near future.. The Vaad Minahel will receive copies.


    1. Childrens' activities 

Randi has prepared a list of all members' children of all ages according to date of birth. Yitzchak Avigad will teach 7-12 year olds skills for participating in shul services. The Halacha Committee will be approached about the possibility of girls leading services from the end of the Mussaph Shmone, and whether children cat take out the Sifrei Torah from the Ark.


Parshat Vayikra – youth Shabbat.. (+ Women's reading) The young people are interested in doing Maasei Hessed  and in taking part in the B'dikat Hametz in the Beit Knesset.. One idea is to develop a relationship with a seniors' home in the area; perhaps for Kabbalat Shabbat..


  1. Review of Recent Events

According to all the participants the Shabbaton was a great success.


  1. Future Events

a)     Clothing Exchange

Debbie Lustig presented the idea, which she will organize with the help of Laura (Leah) Rosen. Brief details as follows;

- Date 18.03.04     18:00 – 20:00

- Tables will be sold.

- Entry fee 25 NIS. Receipts to be prepared.

- Womens' and childrens' clothes only.                                                 Publicity  (Nadine Wildman has volunteered to help on                                    publicity and will be asked to start with this event.)

- Net income to the Tzedakah Collective..

- Debbie will speak to Hershie Katz about security arrangements..

- Unsold clothes will be distributed to needy people in the area.


b)     Yedidion

It was decided that, due to the financial situation, the next issue should not be printed  before the  summer. Noomi will be asked  to develop ideas on raising  income from advertising.


c)     Purim

Neil will ensure that t'fillah details are being organized by the Gabbayim. Dov will take care of boxes and receipt of the money

Raised from "machatzit Hashekel". Philip will prepare the microphone for the "family" Megillah reading.


d)     Shabbat Hagadol

Rabbi Danny Landes has agreed to speak..


e)     Yom Haatzmaut

We are still seeking a speaker.


  1. Other Business


    1. Bank Hadoar Account

The following were approved as signatories. Neil Pearlman, Tzvi Ariel, Dov Cooper, Dvorah Weissman, David Waimann.


    1. Pergola

Agreed to ask the Halachah Committee to prepare a full explanation of the halachic considerations.


c.   Zamir Choral concert

Jeff Green to check date of Steve Horenstein concert, to see if there is a clash.


d.      Pesach cleaning

Will be done on the Sunday before the Chag, by the regular cleaner, with back-up.


e.      Future Meetings


a.      28.03.04   for Pesach-related issues only, in the absence of the chairpeople and the administrator.

b.     2.05.04   open meeting for the membership. The agenda will include a discussion as to whether there should be some limitation on the type of organizations permitted to use the building.